VPN Performance Tuning at LiquidVPN

Earlier this month LiquidVPN completed its first monthly VPN performance audit. The audit uncovered a number of ways for us to improve VPN performance. This included adding new VPN nodes in locations that did not support the Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions, adding two new OpenVPN and 1 new PPTP/L2TP node in the netherlands mitigating the performance bottleneck during…


VPN Software and Service

New VPN Server Build & VPN Security Updates

Upcoming Changes to VPN Infrastructure will Include Some Fundamental Upgrades to VPN Security. After patching for Heartbleed bug CVE-2014-0160 our staff had a meeting about the true impact of Heartbleed on OpenVPN. We studied all of the top VPN services reactions and reviewed their planned upgrades to enhance their security. The consensus from the meeting was that our current network…