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Access content like Netflix, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook from a secure connection.
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Having instant access to the fastest VPN on earth at your fingertips means never again having to suffer through unreasonable buffering while streaming your favorite HD content. Access Petabytes of data anonymously from anywhere in the world using an encrypted VPN tunnel. Use LiquidVPN at home to stream Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, ESPN, Vimeo, Prime, Go or the BBC iPlayer to completely eliminate buffering. Punch holes in very restrictive firewalls and view content from places normally where you normally could not.

Strict Zero Log VPN Policy

We dont ask what you're doing on our network because we do not want to know.
Fastest VPN on earth

We are an ethical company with strong beliefs. A persons right to privacy is one of our most cherished beliefs. Because we value a persons right to privacy so much it would go against the ethics of LiquidVPN to log users activity while they are connected to our VPN network. As long as you are not negatively impacting the experience our users are having while connected to LiquidVPN then we would rather not know anything about you. Your anonymity while connected to our network is as much for your protection as it is ours.

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Our sleek new VPN software will have you online and connected to LiquidVPN in minutes.
worlds fastest vpn

When you combine the fastest VPN service on earth with our new multi-platform VPN client you get one heck of a value. With the new LiquidVPN app you can connect to the LiquidVPN network with a single click. Instantly protect yourself from common threats found with other VPN services like WebRTC, VPN disconnects and DNS/IPV6 leaks. Having the ability to choose the network protocol you want to use from the always up to date VPN server list sets the LiquidVPN client apart from all of the other VPN clients floating about.

Connect your devices to the fastest VPN in the world

Get a hidden IP and surf anonymously with LiquidVPN the fastest VPN in the world. Stream media or download torrents from virtually any internet connected device.
OpenVPN Topology

3 OpenVPN Network Topologies

Switch between our shared IP VPN network topology, public IP VPN network topology or our exclusive modulating IP VPN network topology. There is no other VPN service in the world that can offer you three useful options for customizing your VPN connection. The best VPN in the world is the VPN that delivers fast VPN connections and extends the boundaries of VPN technology. LiquidVPN has been doing this from the very beginning.OpenVPN Network Topologies »
Surf Safely with Anonymous VPN Service

Surf Safely and Anonymously

A premium VPN service provider offers so much more than just an easy way to unblock blocked websites and browse anonymously. A premium VPN combines the highest level of encryption available, private DNS, excellent technical support and approaches long standing problems in the industry with unique and innovative solutions. This is the philosophy LiquidVPN has adopted from the start and this is why LiquidVPN stands above the competition.Anonymous VPN Service »

What Users Are Saying About LiquidVPN

Mr z
testimonials Guy
Rick - I am a new member
Jordan - January 2014
June - Over a year
Bill - I have been a member for a few months now
Anthony - Almost a year
April - December 2014
Stephens - Sign Up Date: November 2014
Mr Z - 9 months and counting
Simon - Signed Up in March of 2014
Bob - Signup Date: August 2014
Wade - Professional Poker Player
Rick H. - Signed Up March 2014
Good Afternoon. Just wanted to let you know that I'm very happy of your online support and I wish to thanks a lot Mr Dave Cox for his help. My case was bad adn I wasn't able to connect to Open VPN in any way (I just closed my contratct with IP-Vanish and opened one with you) due to concurrent causes, like previous installed adapter and conflicts with my Antivirus. Dave replied to my ticket almost immediately and spent more than one hour remotely connected but finally he solved the problem brilliantly. If that is the measure of your commitment to your client I am more than satisfied to have changed VPN provider. I work in IT department of the biggest italian renewable energies company so I was able to appreciate Dave's skills. Thanks again .
This is the only VPN service I have ever used. I was so lost when I signed up. I just wanted to watch Netflix. I installed Liquid Viscosity opened it and tried to open Netflix but I couldn't. I contacted support because it was not working and got an answer in under 5 minutes (No Joke!) they were able to show me how to connect to the server of my choice. We got Netflix working. I was such a noob.
Liquid Viscosity has become my go to VPN app. It's a minimalist app that is very easy to use. When I first signed up I maintained 3 different VPN subscriptions and I was pleasantly surprised Liquid Viscosity could be used with all 3 services. I just signed up for my 2nd year of service in November and I dropped both of the other providers.
I have dealt with quite a few different VPN services and they all promised fast connections and great support. So far none of them has even came close to meeting that promise except LiquidVPN.  I am almost always able to find a fast connection on the first attempt. The connection stays online all night. I really could not be happier with their service. The only thing I feel is holding them back is a lack of built in Android/iOS clients. It was not as big of a deal for me but I know for some that could be a deal breaker.
Hi Dave. Thanks for the reply. I was impressed that you took the time to reply and address the concerns that I had with your ethics policy. Unfortunately, right after I received this reply there was a death in my family followed almost immediately by my father suffering a stoke. I now see that 7 months have passed and I never replied to your message and I wanted to at least let you know the reason why I did not reply. I wish your Company continued success. It is still my VPN of choice. At this point I just want a hassle free solution to online privacy and LiquidVPN certainly delivers on that front. BTW, my father is now doing fine. It's been a long road, which we are still on, and things are almost back to normal.
Hi I wanted to say that I've been a subscriber for a little over a month now and I've been more than impressed by your service. The servers have really fast and reliable. I'm connected for days at a time with very few interruptions. I also like the built in dns leak and speed tests. They are a nice touch. Really, I couldn't ask for any thing more. Thanks again for such a great service. You'll definitely have me as a customer for a long time and I'll certainly recommend you to others when I can.
Hi, i just rated your response as Excellent. Thank you. After making that change my speedtests went from 15Mbps to 125Mbps! I have never seen it go over 25Mbps on any of the previous VPN services I have used.
I am using 4 computers connected together via a switch. Every time one connected I could no longer access the machine on my local network. Mike was able to give me the commands required to get all 4 computers connected to the VPN and my local LAN. The service I had before said they could not support "custom" setups.
Their support almost always replies within seconds of my ticket being open and they provide very detailed answers. Its nice knowing someone at the other end cares enough about my concerns to explain things as well as these guys do.
You guys have quick support. I have been very happy with my service. In fact so much so that I made the switch from monthly to yearly.
I just want you to know that I am very impressed with the quick Customer Support response time that LiquidVPN has provided since I first signed up a couple of months ago. The VPN provider I was using from across the pond would have had me waiting a week or two receive a reply if ever at all. I'm glad that I discovered your company/service. Please tell your support staff thank you for me. Thank you again sir for getting back to me so quickly tonight!
Liquid VPN believes that the quality of the service they provide will grow their business for them; it shows in their dedicated tech support (they often answer emails within minutes), their monomaniacal focus on continual network upgrades, and ground-breaking new technology offerings such as modulating IP addresses

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