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Access content like Netflix, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook from a secure connection.
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Having instant access to the fastest VPN on earth at your fingertips means never again having to suffer through unreasonable buffering while streaming your favorite HD content. Access Petabytes of data anonymously from anywhere in the world using an encrypted VPN tunnel. Use LiquidVPN at home to stream Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, ESPN, Vimeo, Prime, Go or the BBC iPlayer to completely eliminate buffering. Punch holes in very restrictive firewalls and view content from places normally where you normally could not.

Strict Zero Log VPN Policy

We dont ask what you're doing on our network because we do not want to know.
Fastest VPN on earth

We are an ethical company with strong beliefs. A persons right to privacy is one of our most cherished beliefs. Because we value a persons right to privacy so much it would go against the ethics of LiquidVPN to log users activity while they are connected to our VPN network. As long as you are not negatively impacting the experience our users are having while connected to LiquidVPN then we would rather not know anything about you. Your anonymity while connected to our network is as much for your protection as it is ours.

Free LiquidVPN Software

Our sleek new VPN software will have you online and connected to LiquidVPN in minutes.
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When you combine the fastest VPN service on earth with our new multi-platform VPN client you get one heck of a value. With the new LiquidVPN app you can connect to the LiquidVPN network with a single click. Instantly protect yourself from common threats found with other VPN services like WebRTC, VPN disconnects and DNS/IPV6 leaks. Having the ability to choose the network protocol you want to use from the always up to date VPN server list sets the LiquidVPN client apart from all of the other VPN clients floating about.

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Get a hidden IP and surf anonymously with LiquidVPN the fastest VPN service in the world. Stream media or download torrents from virtually any internet connected device.
VPN Network Topology

3 VPN Network Topologies

Switch between our shared IP VPN network topology, public IP VPN network topology or our exclusive modulating IP VPN network topology. There is no other VPN service in the world that can offer you three useful options for customizing your VPN connection. The best VPN service in the world is the VPN that maintains a fast VPN network and extends the boundaries of VPN technology. LiquidVPN has been doing this from the very beginning.VPN Network Topologies »
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Surf Safely and Anonymously

A premium VPN service provider offers so much more than just an easy way to unblock blocked websites and browse anonymously. A premium VPN combines the highest level of encryption available, private DNS, excellent technical support and approaches long standing problems in the industry with unique and innovative solutions. This is the philosophy LiquidVPN has adopted from the start and this is why LiquidVPN stands above the competition.Anonymous VPN Service »

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