3 Useful Websites Every Netizen Should Bookmark

Stop Playing with your Search Engine Privacy, switch to DuckDuckGo

With more and more netizens concerned with search engine privacy, especially regarding Google; a new search engine is making headway. DuckDuckGo is fast becoming a force to reckon with. And for good reason.

Google has long had questionable privacy tactics. Every search that you have ever made is stored on their massive servers. They then add information from Google Maps, YouTube, and any other Google services used (Google Talk, Google Drive etc.)  to get a pretty good picture of all of its individual users.  This of course is what empowers Google’s advertisement prowess.

While there are some safeguards to prevent this, like deleting Google’s cookies all the time, there is no way to prevent them from still storing your information.

Enter the useful website of DuckDuckGo. A far cry from Google’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, DuckDuckGo was born and raised in Paoli, Pennsylvania. Since 2013, when the Snowden files were released, the search engine has been on an upward march. It has grown 600% and handles 4 billion searches a year. They just passed the 10 million search mark in a single day for the first time on June 23rd.

This is again, a far cry from Google’s 3.5 Billion searches daily. But it is a start.

So why do so many netizens make the switch to DuckDuckGo? Well it promises to be ‘the search engine that doesn’t track you.’ You do get ads, but they are only targeted using keywords used at the time of the search. They keep no logs and do not create cookies on your computer. All this means that your searches remain private. Definitely worth a bookmark.

Dodge DMCA Notices with TorrentTags

No matter which side of the torrent debate you are on, you should be able to get behind this idea. TorrentTags is a an idea, still in beta, from Australia. The creators of this searchable database believe, “that copyright claims for torrents have to be made public before users’ online activity can be monitored with the goal of suing.”

They go on to claim that a lack of public claim constitutes a ‘honeypot’ strategy. Which makes sense. When looking for a torrent, a user has no idea which torrent might have a public takedown claim as opposed to a torrent with copyright holders looking for a quick buck.

TorrentFreak makes the point with Dallas Buyers Club LLC. They have been suing people who have downloaded the movie since its release. And yet people still download the movie, obviously unaware of the danger. This month the company made plans for going after 4,726 customers of iiNet. One of the determining factors for how much they will sue each individual for will be based on how much money a year they make.

So all this may make TorrentTags a useful website. Netizens who downloaded a torrent can upload the file into the website, or use its hash, to find out how risky the torrent is.

The database is compiled in two ways. By pulling information from Chilling Effects and by the copyrights holders themselves submitting claims. Still in beta, the hope is that by providing a warning to torrent users, people will be able to make informed decisions about which torrents they download and how  to use them.

Give Spam the Slip with 10 Minute Mail

Ever wish you could just get one more free trial? Or maybe you need to register a site where you need to verify an email, but don’t want to receive spam email in the future. 10 Minute Mail to the rescue.

As the name implies, you create an email address that is valid for only 10 minutes. After the time, like messages to Inspector Gadget, it will self-destruct. The developers of 10 minute mail has created a feature where you can continue to extend it manually for another 10 minutes if need be.

The website claims to handle 60,000-70,000 emails per day.

After you bookmark the site, you will find basic features include a preview of new emails complete with a time stamp and you can reply to emails. Registration is non-existent: all that’s really required is to visit the website.

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