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4 essential Netflix tricks that you didn’t know but should

Looking to enhance your Netflix experience? Try these 4 essential Netflix tricks that will definitely improve your Netflix usage.

What was life before Netflix? I often ask myself this.

Sure heading down to the video rental store was cool and all, but I would rather binge watch my way through Better Call Saul on Netflix than keep heading back to the shop to switch videos.

The world has changed and if you’re like me then you’re pretty much addicted to Netflix. Which means you really should know everything about Netflix to get the best out of it.

There are actually some neat tricks that will not only let you get more movies and TV shows for your money but also enhance your streaming experience so you get better viewing overall.

Below I’m exploring the 4 essential Netflix tricks that you didn’t know about but you should be using. You would be mad not to try these out.

4 essential Netflix Tricks:

1) Get yourself a VPN for more content

Without question, if there’s one of the 4 essential Netflix tricks you want to know about then it’s the VPN trick‘.

In a nutshell a VPN is an app that allows you to get more movies and TV shows with your Netflix package. Not only can you get more content but you can also get different, newer and exclusive content.

You see, every region of Netflix offers up a different catalogue of movies and TV shows. So depending on where you live depends on what you get access to viewing.

By using a VPN from LiquidVPN you can tap into overseas Netflix catalogues and watch their selection of movies and TV shows. Best of all, you can use your regular Netflix account details. You don’t need any new account or to pay Netflix any more cash.

Simply open LiquidVPN, connect to one of their servers, for example the USA, Canada or UK and login. You’ll now be able to browse through a whole new selection of movies and TV shows. Simple!

2) Toggle yourself some HD

If you’re like most people you’ll always be trying to optimise your entertainment set-ups to get better quality. After all, when you’re watching the latest blockbuster you want to do it in the optimal condition.

This means the best quality sound but most importantly, the best quality picture. With Netflix now offering movies and TV shows in up to 4K it’s important to make sure you’re taking advantage of it.

Netflix can and does alter the quality of your stream, especially if you’re viewing at heavy-usage periods. To make sure you’re getting the best quality stream, pop over to Netflix’s HD toggle page:

Here you’ll be able to choose quality options between Auto, Low, Medium and High. My recommendation? crank it right up to high and enjoy your movies in the best quality.

4 essential Netflix tricks

Get better Netflix quality with LiquidVPN

3) Access the ‘secret’ menu

Queue the spooky music, yes, that’s right, there’s a ‘Secret Menu‘ in Netflix that lets you fiddle around with various options that the regular viewer doesn’t know anything about.

On a computer just hold your CTRL, Shift, Alt + S keys at the same time. Magically, a new window will appear.

The secret menu allows you to play around with the Audio and Video Bitrate. This gives you the opportunity to further increase the quality of your viewing.

Netflix BitrateYou can also change the Netflix server where your movies and TV shows are being provided from. If you’re having buffering issues it’s worth playing around to see if you can get yourself on a better or less congested server.

4) Get all subtitled up

Subtitles, Closed Captions (CC), whatever you want to call them. You know, the text at the bottom of the screen that accompanies the movie or TV show you’re watching (if you enable them of course).

Subtitles are great, if you’re not a native English speaker or you’re watching a movie with foreign audio then they are almost essential.

Did you know that by using LiquidVPN not only can you access more movies and TV shows as described in ‘trick 1’ but you can also access a whole host of subtitles too.

Let’s say you’re German but you’re living in the United States. You can connect to LiquidVPN’s Frankfurt VPN server and access German Netflix gaining access to German subtitles in the process.

Or if you’re from Japan but you don’t always understand the English in American movies, you can head over to the American Netflix website, enable English subtitles and not only catch every word spoken but also improve your English study in the process. A win all round!

Tricks, Tricks and more Tricks

There you have it, 4 essential Netflix tricks that you didn’t know before but you do now. Why not try a few of them to enhance your Netflix viewing?

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