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5 reasons you NEED to be using a VPN on your phone

Wondering if you should be using a VPN on your phone? Read this guide to discover the Top 5 reasons why a VPN for your phone is now essential.

If you’ve been in two minds whether a VPN is necessary for your phone then this guide will help you make a decision once and for all.

VPN use has exploded in recent years and all good VPN services such as LiquidVPN now offer apps and set-up guides for all the most popular devices.

It’s likely you’ll have either an Android or Apple iOS phone which is good news because they’re two of the easiest to set up and use with LiquidVPN.

So let’s take a look at the 5 top reasons why you NEED to be using a VPN on your phone.

1) You’re more likely to connect to public Wi-Fi

Unlike your home connection, your phone is portable. If you’re like most people then you carry it almost everywhere, I know I certainly do.

This massively increases the chances of you connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi networks that aren’t your home connection aren’t secure.

If you’re a big user of Wi-Fi in Cafes, Libraries or even your workplace, danger lurks.

Public Wi-Fi insecure

LiquidVPN can protect your phone data.

Even if you don’t intentionally mean to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot, just passing by one you’ve connected to before can be enough to have you connected momentarily.

Using a VPN on your phone from LiquidVPN will ensure that your connection remains private. Even if you connect briefly, the VPN will take over and stop any personal information leaking outside. This thwarts any would-be hackers who are lurking on the same network.

2) App security status is unknown

Unlike accessing websites it’s almost impossible for the regular Joe to know the security measures an app is using.

When you login to your bank, Amazon account, Paypal or any other information sensitive site on a regular computer you can tell by your web-browser that the site is transmitting data securely. Just look for the little padlock in the address bar.

With a phone app, you have no such indication. A VPN from LiquidVPN will allow you to protect the security of your data as it travels from your phone to the LiquidVPN servers before it’s passed onto the wider internet.

This means no one can intercept anything sent from your phone at that stage.

3) Unblock your favorite movies and shows

Phones are great because you can take them on long journeys, kill time on that public transport commute or otherwise while away the hours.

Regional content locks, on the other hand, aren’t great. These days more content is now regionally blocked. Everything from Netflix region-restrictions to blackouts from MLB and other sports.

Watch movie phone

Unblock geo-restricted content with LiquidVPN.

A VPN for your phone can help you beat the blocks and let you watch your favorite shows on your mobile device anywhere.

This means you can unblock different Netflix regions, bypass sports blackouts, access overseas content and more. All with a VPN from LiquidVPN, all on your mobile phone, all while on the move.

4) Reduce your phone data consumption

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a country that offers unlimited mobile data you’re constrained by how much mobile data you can use.

Gone are the days where minutes and “texts” (SMS) were charged for. These are now often given away in “unlimited” amounts. These days mobile internet data is where the limits are.

It’s not unusual across the world to be limited to a couple of GB or less per month depending on how much cash you’re prepared to stump up.

While a VPN won’t magically allow you to enjoy extra GB’s, it can reduce the amount of data you consume allowing your data allowance to go that bit further.

A VPN uses encryption which makes anything not already encrypted slightly smaller. The result? Less data transfer.

5) Access overseas apps

Phone apps allow producers to limit releases more than traditional computer software. Games are one area where these restrictions are huge.

Often games have “soft” releases in specific regions like the Philippines or Canada. This is usually to monitor how a big release performs before it launches worldwide.

This can sometimes be months before a global release. Popular games like PUGB Mobile were released in this manner.

By using a VPN from LiquidVPN you can access these blocked apps and unlock them allowing you to play or use them in any country well ahead of the official release in your country.

There are also some cases where apps are made for specific regions such as popular Japanese apps that never get a worldwide release. If you’re into your niche genres then a VPN from LiquidVPN will allow you to tap into these and more.

5 reasons you NEED to use a VPN on your phone

It’s easy to overlook the privacy and security of your phone when most of us concentrate on shoring up the security of our laptops and desktops.

However, as mobile use is ever increasing and we’re now doing more daily internet tasks on our phones it’s critical to protect your mobile security with a VPN like LiquidVPN.

It’s not actually any additional effort to secure the privacy of your phone. As LiquidVPN lets you protect between 2 – 8 devices at the same time depending on the package you choose it means you can protect your regular computer plus your phone and more.

There’s a handy LiquidVPN Android app which can be installed directly from the Google Play Store and the set-up guide for Apple iOS devices takes just a few minutes to complete.

Ready to protect the security of your phone?

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