6 critical reasons you shouldn’t be using Kodi without a VPN

In this guide I’m looking at the important reasons why a VPN is essential when using Kodi.

Kodi has been around for quite some time now and if you’re a movie or sports buff then you can’t have helped to have heard of it.

However, there are some inherent risks with using Kodi, or especially the sea of Kodi add-ons and builds that are floating around on the internet.

To mitigate against these risks it goes without saying that when using Kodi you certainly should be using a VPN service such as LiquidVPN.

But why is this? You may be confused about why a VPN really is critical to use with Kodi. Below I’m covering the 6 most important reasons.

1) Protect your privacy

You don’t need me to tell you that your privacy is important. None more so than on the internet. This extends to Kodi because what you watch and access can be monitored by others.

This includes the government, your ISP, companies, hackers and a whole range of other numerous parties who can monitor what you’re watching, accessing and doing on Kodi.

A VPN from LiquidVPN protects and mitigates against this leaving you to watch your favourite movies and TV shows… privately.

2) Access more content

Kodi is all about the content. Without the Kodi builds and add-ons, the standalone application is essentially just a shell.

One of the best features of Kodi is being able to add extra services onto it. This gives you access to more movies, more sport, more TV shows and more music.

Depending on what country you’re in depends on what kind of access you get. By using a VPN you can tap into overseas streams, add-ons and builds and unblock a wealth of extra content.

By using LiquidVPN you can easily increase the size of your Kodi content catalogue in just a few clicks.

3) Copyright notices a thing of the past

One of the negatives of Kodi is it’s easy to come across large amounts of copyrighted content. We’ve all been there, you start to stream a movie only to realise it’s a newly released blockbuster.

By the time you’ve quit the movie to go and access some copyright-free content, you’ve already streamed a few seconds of it. It’s really easy for companies to fire off copyright notices based on this.

Kodi copyright notice

Avoid mistaken copyright noticed with LiquidVPN.

At best you’ll get a notice via your internet provider telling you to stop streaming copyright content. At worst you’ll fall foul of repeat offender rules. This could lead to your internet connection being cut, a fine or even potentially a court case.

When using LiquidVPN it’s impossible to link you to what you’re watching which means copyright notices for those mistaken copyright viewings are a thing of the past.

4) Avoid buffering

A VPN certainly isn’t a magic band-aid for buffering but it can help. When you access movies, sports or other content on Kodi it’s sent via a network of paths to the destination and then returned to yourself.

Sometimes there can be bottlenecks or issues on that path. By using LiquidVPN you can have your data sent via another route, this is often less congested. By doing so you can avoid buffering and other slow playback issues.

It’s worth remembering that a VPN is not a magic buffering-fix and some issues just can’t be resolved even with a VPN. Anyone that tells you they can is best avoided.

5) Access geo-restricted content

The media would lead you to believe that Kodi is 100% about the pirated content but Kodi users know better.

There are plenty of unofficial add-ons to access services like Netflix or the UK’s BBC iPlayer. These apps don’t bypass geo-restrictions but by using LiquidVPN you can.

A service such as BBC iPlayer requires you to be in the UK. If you’re not then you’ll be blocked, even when using it through Kodi. By connecting to one of LiquidVPN’s UK servers you can bypass the geo-restrictions and watch BBC iPlayer in any country.

It’s not just limited to BBC iPlayer either. You can access different Netflix regions or services from other countries too.

6) Beat the blackouts

If you’re using Kodi to watch your favourite sports like NBA, MLB, NHL or one of the many others then blackouts will be the bane of your life.

Depending what state or country you’re in you will often find that some games are blacked out meaning you’re restricted from watching them in your area.

Avoid blackoutsBy using LiquidVPN you can disguise your location to make it look as if you’re in another state or even in another country entirely. This allows you to avoid blackouts and watch all of your favourite team’s games.

Conclusion: Reasons to use a VPN with Kodi

Without a doubt the most important reason to use a VPN with Kodi is privacy.

What you do while connected to the internet on any type of device is no one’s business but your own. This extends itself to Kodi usage. Why should companies, your internet provider or anyone else be able to monitor and track what you’re watching?

Getting a VPN from LiquidVPN will protect your Kodi usage and allow you to enable all the other benefits listed above in this guide.

So what are you waiting for? Enhance your Kodi experience today by signing up for LiquidVPN.

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