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7 Important Reasons not to Discount Smaller VPN Services

VPN services are everywhere these days, in fact, you can barely move for the vast array of options out there.

In this guide I’m going to cover the important reasons why you shouldn’t discount smaller VPN services in that sea of choice.

It’s actually a really interesting time to sign up for a VPN service big or small because choice = power. With so many services it means they’re all vying for your business putting you firmly in the driving seat to get the most for your money.

You may assume bigger is better, we’re regularly told so, “Go large or go home”, “Do you want to supersize that?”.

‘Bigger is better’ does not always equate to the best VPN service though.

So to put that theory to bed I’m going to tell you the 7 important reasons why you shouldn’t be discounting the smaller VPN service and you’ll discover some surprising facts.

1) You don’t need 100’s of VPN server locations

Do you know how many times I’ve regularly connected to VPN servers in 50 countries in the past 5 years? or even more than 10 countries?

I’ll tell you, exactly zero times.

You see, like most people I generally stick to a selection of locations. Some I use for privacy reasons, others I use to access geo-blocked content such as binging American Netflix, some I use to protect myself on public Wi-Fi and a handful of others for different reasons.

World VPN servers

Quality over quantity is definitely the case.

Yes, that’s right, a handful! I’ve never once needed to connect to 20, 30, 50 or even 100 countries. So if we don’t need so many countries, why are we sold by them? It’s like having a cable package with 150 channels but only watching 4 or 5.

Can you get away with fewer quality servers? because if you can, you can probably benefit in price from a smaller VPN provider like LiquidVPN.

2) Get a more personalized service

Big companies mean less personalization. When you’re one of many then you just become a number. Do big companies really care about their customers like smaller companies do?

After all, a big VPN service can lose a customer or two and not bat an eyelid. Smaller VPN services rely on their bread and butter, the customers.

So if you want the best VPN service you’re a hell of a lot more likely to get a good reaction if you have an issue as 1 of few than if you’re 1 of 1 million.

3) Leave the frustrations of geo-blocked Netflix to the big boys

If you’re a movie or TV show buff then you’ve probably hopped a few geo-fences before. That could mean watching American Netflix, watching BBC iPlayer outside the UK or accessing any number of streaming services not available in your country.

A bigger VPN service means more users and that certainly doesn’t make it the best VPN service.

More users means more people using the same servers and IP Addresses. More people using those means Netflix and <fill in your favourite streaming service> can spot VPN usage easier.

The result? Blocked servers.

Smaller VPN services like LiquidVPN don’t suffer from such issues. With fewer users using their servers it means it’s more difficult for streaming sites to spot VPN use. You binge that box set all you want.

4) Feel the love of the creators

Small VPN services are created by individuals with a passion for security and encryption. They didn’t pop up because the privacy industry is big business hoping to cash in along with a hundred other interests.

This means a small VPN service has been crafted with love.

You can bet blood, sweat and tears has gone into securing those VPN servers with robust encryption and every facet has been checked and double-checked to ensure you’re getting the best VPN service and most privacy-centric out there.

5) Enjoy a less crowded service

VPN battles are often won and lost on the speed and reliability of the VPN service.

Big services means big amounts of customers. This can often stretch individual VPN servers to capacity. You know what the result of that is? Slow speeds.

A smaller VPN service can monitor their customer base more effectively meaning more servers with fewer users.

Fast VPN download

Get fast speeds with LiquidVPN.

Sure, for privacy reasons it’s important to have some users on a server but you’re definitely going to feel the speed advantage of servers with 15 users compared to one with 40 or more users.

6) Don’t like something, make the change happen

With a smaller VPN service, your voice is more likely to be heard. If there’s something you don’t like about the service, drop support a line.

You’re more likely to see your ideas (and criticisms) implemented or fixed with a small VPN service than you are from a larger service.

Try telling your nearest big-chain coffee shop what you don’t like about their skinny-half-caff-latte-with-soy-milk and see how far you get. Now try that again at your local independent coffee shop and I can guarantee you’ll get a much better response.

If you’re still not happy, there’s a 7-day money back guarantee at LiquidVPN so your money is safe no matter your opinion.

7) Reputation is everything

When I talk about small VPN services I don’t mean those sketchy, no-contact details, hacker-esque types that look like they’ve popped up overnight. A pop-up VPN service is certainly not in the same league as a pop-up craft beer shop.

Small VPN services like LiquidVPN trade on reputation. A big service gets a bad review, there are 1000 more customers coming along right over the hill. A small VPN service gets a bad review and it can pretty much ruin the business.

LiquidVPN started in 2013 and has navigated many changes in the privacy industry. I can’t say the same for a whole host of other services that have popped up and disappeared. What that means is reputation is key.

Fail your customers and you fail as a service.

So why should you consider a smaller VPN service?

In the VPN world, bigger isn’t always better. Consider if you need all the bells and whistles and try not to be bowled over by numbers.

Sure “5,000 servers” sounds better than 50, but consider how much of that service are you personally going to use? Don’t be fooled into overpaying for features you don’t need.

If you’re like most people you would rather source local produce than mass produced, you would rather eat a homemade cake than a factory produced one.

The VPN market is no different.

So if you’re deciding on which VPN service to choose? Don’t discount those smaller VPN services like LiquidVPN who may very well offer all you’re looking for resulting in you ending up with the best VPN service.

Try LiquidVPN risk-free with a 7-day money back guarantee