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About LiquidVPN

LiquidVPN is an anonymity service that refuses to compromise when it comes to users privacy and their security.  LiquidVPN was created for citizens of the net who require a more robust solution than the standard offerings at our competition. LiquidVPN was founded in 2013 by Dave Cox. Besides Dave there are a small group of employees that run the day to day operations of LiquidVPN. Dave is a network engineer with more than 15 years under his belt working in some of the most advanced private data centers in the U.S.A.

LiquidVPN is not like other services that are interested in adding to the list of countries offered or the number of servers on our network. We do not compromise when it comes to infrastructure, cryptography or a willingness to invest in innovation. It is a source of pride that we are routinely regarded as “The fastest VPN service on the internet” by users and independent reviewers alike. This award is something we continuously strive to maintain by creating a baseline set of requirements for privacy, net neutrality, usage policy, hardware, redundancy, traffic, peering, and bandwidth that data centers must meet before we will consider adding resources there.

Our Back Story

The founder of LiquidVPN gained considerable experience working the seedy underbelly of the internet. Working with software vendors and data centers over the last 15+ years has provided them with a unique perspective on what happens to users data once it enters “the cloud.” After witnessing dozens of IT companies with sensitive user data commit countless ethics violations and completely disregard their own privacy policies the values and ethics guiding LiquidVPN really started to take shape.

In 2012 a chance meeting took place between LiquidVPN’s founder Dave Cox and John W. Barfield the founder of the Bartech Group that changed the course of Dave’s life. After that meeting Dave changed the course of his life. He began looking for ways to make the internet better for himself and for the rest of the world. Quickly this became his personal crusade. In January of 2013 Dave purchased the first few servers and started working on the LiquidVPN network. LiquidVPN went live in June of 2013 with 4 servers and a few thousand dollars capital. By February 2015 there are over 40 servers on the LiquidVPN network and Dave went on to create IP Modulation a technology used to enhance the privacy of anyone using it by rapidly switching the IP addresses they are using.

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