Affordable VPN Service With Extraordinary Features

LiquidVPN is committed to providing an affordable VPN service that does not cut corners or compromise when it comes to quality.

Can an inexpensive VPN really be secure?

Yes they can. Our competition will lead you to believe that only a high priced premium VPN can provide a reliable, fast and secure connection to the internet. This is not true, an cheap VPN provider like LiquidVPN can meet the needs of even the most demanding connections. By running a lean network we are able to provide all of the premium VPN features at a very affordable price.

Affordable VPN Service

Legendary Network

Legendary network performance and zero bandwidth caps wrapped up in a cheap VPN package. What more can you ask for?

Cheap VPN Tunnels

3 Standard Topologies

3 types of IP addresses at your disposal. Access shared, public and modulating connections. All included in one affordably priced VPN service.

VPN Security

Unmatched Security

Get an affordable VPN connection that is designed to provide secure internet access in the most savage network environments on earth.

Exceptional Privacy

logless Smart DNS

We are the cheapest VPN service that provides free Smart DNS. Allowing you to combat buffering by streaming USA restricted content like Netflix and Hula from VPN servers closest to you.

Robust VPN Client

The VPN client we provide takes care of all the setup and configuration for you. You do not need to worry about data/IP leaks or updating to the latest version. We take care of all that for you.

bittorrent friendly

We do not limit or block P2P protocols on our VPN network. This includes the file sharing protocol bittorrent. Download P2P without fear of frivolous copyright claims. We even offer servers optimized for P2P.

Fanatical Support

LiquidVPN has cultivated a reputation for providing a high level of technical support not usually associated with an inexpensive VPN service. We are available to help 24x7x365. Contact Us Today

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