Android VPN Services Available from LiquidVPN

VPNs can be used over any internet connection, not just from desktop PCs. Android VPNs are allowed, as are iOS and Windows Phone. One could argue smartphones need VPN services even more than desktops because of the perils of free wifi hotspots in airports, cafes, trains, bars, and public spaces leaving you exposed. You can get malware, your data can be looked at by strangers if proper encryption is not used.

Android VPN lets your browse and skate anonymously

Skatin’ anonymously

Once you install a VPN on your mobile all the benefits of the service are now portable. You can beat national or age restrictions on the bus. I’ve used a VPN on a Megabus to use a bit more bandwidth than I probably should have been able to watching or should I say streaming American NetFlix.

Liquid’s Android VPN

LiquidVPN has an OpenVPN Client for Android. This VPN is a condensed version of the desktop client. There is a list of automatically updated servers with ping for picking the best speeds. You can set the client to connect automatically and load on boot. It is also easy to change between shared IP, Public IP and Modulating IP VPN topologies. Private DNS is used which obscures your IP address in the crowd, maintaining your anonymity. LiquidVPN’s Android VPN is uncapped just like its desktop counterpart.

Considering the weaknesses in Android’s security that have been exposed in the media recently. With everyone and their brother wanting to take advantage of our data it makes sense to double down on encryption for mobile browsing.

LiquidVPN starts from just $7 per month, and with a 7-day money back guarantee you have no excuse not to give it a go. Benefit from the latest encryption and topologies, plentiful settings, a diverse list of server locations and an Android VPN client accompanied by fanatics for a support team.