Online Christmas Shopping? Protect Yourself With a Virtual Credit Card

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The holiday season is big business for on retailers. oitte estimates Americans will spend over one trillion dollars on in the buildup to Christmas. That means a huge rush to win over customers. New websites are rolled out, with massive holiday ad campaigns. But in this rush, security sometimes gets neglected. Christmas Eve and Christmas day are two of the worst days for fraud. Nasdaq reports that fraud rates skyrocket 200% during the holiday shopping season. Fulfilling your family’s Christmas wish list, within a reasonable budget is going to mean …

Which Password Manager is Better LastPass or KeePass?

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In a recent blog post about how to protect your on privacy and I got quite a bit of feedback on a free for the desktop app called LastPass that promises to work with any browser seamlessly and for a 12 dollar per year fee you can even set it up on your smartphones. Having to install unofficial ports of KeePass on my smartphone and tablet is something I always disliked about KeePass. So I decided to take LastPass for a spin and give you an honest comparison of the …

How To Protect Your Online Privacy in 2017 – VPNs and Tor

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VPN is and acronym for Virtual Private Network. VPNs virtualize a local network (LAN) over a distance. With a VPN computers in two locations work together like they are on one local network.   The business applications of VPNs are obvious. Employees in different offices can resources like they’re on one local network. The data travels through the Internet inside an encrypted VPN tunnel.   What does that have to to do with privacy?   Of course, this guide isn’t for business applications. When a computer connects to a …

Enemies of the Internet: Senator Lamar Alexander

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Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee is on his second term. To date he has taken at least $86,000 in campaign money from Telecom companies. He voted to scrap FCC regulations that would force ISP’s to adhere to security practices designed to protect our data. His vote allowing ISP’s to digitally stalk its users is unacceptable. He takes dark money from untraceable PAC’s and clearly does care about his constituents. You can contact him at Phone: (423) 752-5337

Enemies of the Internet: Big Luther

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The former lobbyist and current Junior Alabama Senator Luther Strange voted to relax ISP security requirements and to allow them to store and sell our private data. Big Luther worked closely with Karl Rove to tip Alabama’s state judicial system in favor of corporations. It’s little wonder why he would be sell us out to the most hated companies in the country.  Read about Big Luther or contact Big Luther at his Washington DC office (202) 224-4124

Enemies of the Internet: Cajun John Wayne

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Meet the former YouTube star Cajun John Wayne.  Cajun John is the Louisiana Congressmen Clay Higgins. Clay is supposed to represent citizens in Louisiana’s 3rd congressional district instead he sold them out for $300.00 of sweet campaign cash. You can contact him at 337-703-6105 and let him know how grateful you are that he voted to overturn Internet privacy regulations giving your ISP the right to digitally stalk you for profit.

Everyone Might Need an Anonymous VPN Service Now

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Yesterday, the Republicans in the U.S. Senate voted 50 to 48 for violating the privacy of 325 million Americans so that Internet service providers could make even money ivering substandard broadband access than they already do. Next week the House of Representatives are planning on rushing through this legislation before the American consumers have a chance to realize their on privacy has just been wiped out. For twenty plus years we had a fundamental right to communicate in private. H.J. Res. 86 and S.J. Res 34 will destroy our …

UK Kodi Box Users Need VPNs Now More Then Ever

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Even if streaming live football on a Kodi box is not your thing, you might feel a little disturbed reading articles on the mainstream media warning Kodi users that they could face up to ten years in prison if the Digital Economy Bill passes unchanged. The Digital Economy Bill increases penalties for uploading, downloading and sharing copyright protected material. Although it is supposed to punish distributors, it could be used against anyone caught downloading or streaming copyright protected content. What is a Kodi Box Kodi is an open source media …

Unblock Blocked Websites at School

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Content filtering on the internet has become and common. As a matter of fact, some governments such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China and Iran have put into place Internet-censorship laws that have extended the censorship to almost each and every locally-available site. This is also quite popular in a number of institutions especially schools and offices. Each institution has its reason for blocking websites. In most cases, they do not want their students or employees to waste time on ‘useless’ sites. The most commonly-blocked sites include social sites, Yahoo!, YouTube, , Orkut, , , and the like.

Top 10 Adblockers for Apple iOS devices

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*Feb 9, 2017: Because of new information this article has been updated* Today Apple held its annual Worldwide Developer Conference. Many great features were announced on all four platforms that Apple now focuses on; watchOS, tvOS, iOS and MacOS (formerly Mac OS X). Apple continues to focus on the privacy of its users, and the forthcoming iOS 10 update shows that than ever. An important but controversial part of privacy and security is using adblockers. The use of this technology is a big issue and leaves many people divided. …