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What Makes LiquidVPN the World’s Best VPN Service?

LiquidVPN is the Best VPN in the World

Engineered to perform better than the best VPN services in the world.

LiquidVPN is an online VPN service provider that takes your anonymity and internet security very seriously. Rest assured every single time you connect to one of our servers your VPN connections will be very fast and handcrafted with love. We believe the best VPN in the world is the one that combines fast servers, excellent support, great encryption standards and full transparency.


LiquidDNS - The Zero Logging End to End Encrypted DNS Service

LiquidDNS closes the DNS privacy gap found in the current selection of online VPN services. Each VPN cluster has its own DNS server located on a private network that is only accessible to LiquidVPN users guaranteeing your queries are never intercepted or re-routed.Advanages of LiquidDNS »
Intrusion prevention system

VPN Security - DDoS Protection, Firewalls and Kill Switches

Our VPN service provides many extra features not normally found in a VPN service. For example we offer 10Gbps or more DDoS protected VPN servers in select locations, 3 different types of VPN kill switches and even an extra firewall to further protect your privacy while using our network.About VPN Security »
Liquid Viscosity

Liquid Viscosity - Familiar Easy to use Controls with a Sleek Interface

PC and Mac users agree Liquid Viscosity is a polished VPN application. Connect using our OpenVPN, L2TP or PPTP VPN service from a single client, monitor your transfer rate, enable an internet kill switch, quickly test your VPN tunnels connection speed and even view important information like our warrant canary with one button.Test drive Liquid Viscosity »
DDOS Protected VPN