Choosing the Best VPN Service for you

Things to Consider when Shopping for the Best VPN Service

The VPN protocol used is what determines the level of security and speed one gets from the network. This is why if you are looking to buy the best VPN service for you, then you will have to decide which protocol to go for. The best VPN service will be one that offers individuals a variety of protocols.

Your choice for best VPN service should be one that includes the following protocols:

  • PPTP – Works with almost any device
  • L2TP – Upgraded PPTP
  • IPSEC – Required for L2TP encryption
  • SSL – Most popular service.

These are the main protocols used for a VPN connection if you are looking for the best VPN service for your money then having all of protocols should be a requirement. Each of the protocols has its own pros and cons as well as its own unique level of security. However, even before choosing the protocols, it is important to decide to use a VPN and commit to using it whenever you’re online. In today’s society, the internet has become extremely vital. Surfing the web has become a daily occurrence for most people. The majority of them will never give a thought to finding a VPN service let alone the best VPN service. Committing to using a VPN means you are thinking about your security. The Internet has become a whole new universe! Filling forms, online shopping, social sites, downloading – the list is endless. Hackers, spammers, scammers and poachers have also come to realize just how fast the internet world is growing and is becoming their ideal market. This is why practices such as identity theft, spamming, hacking and the likes are becoming more and more rampant. You can be sure that they have chosen the best VPN service for their illegal online activities. This is why finding the best VPN service is so essential to avoiding such incidents, hence the need to upgrade your internet security. The only fully-secure option in this case is a VPN service. It basically uses an encrypted VPN tunnel that connects your entire system to a remote server based in a secure location. The protocol used helps in protecting data on both ends of the tunnel and defines the connection methods required to start the handshake between the two servers. This explains why the protocol used is important.

As stated earlier, there are four main VPN protocols available today. The user’s requirements determine the kind of protocol they should choose. Each of them has its own properties.


This is one of the most widely-used VPN protocols out today. It does not carry encryption or confidentiality by itself, and because of this it is often times secured with IPSEC. When bundled with IPSEC It ensures absolute data integrity while it is in the process of tunneling as well as absolute security at both ends of the tunnel. Normally, the L2TP protocol is built-into Windows making it quite popular and is believed to be an improved version of the PPTP protocol. If your current VPN service doesn’t come with L2TP then it is not the best VPN service for you unless you are not using the VPN for Wifi at all.


PPTP protocol stands for Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol. Just like L2TP it comes as a default protocol for Windows and is also quite popular. The main reason for its popularity is the fact that PPTP is compatible with protocols based on PPP such as EAP, CAP and PAP. In addition to this, PPTP is also supported on almost all other platforms from iPhones to Linux, Android and Mac. It is mostly used where the individual streams a lot or needs the fastest possible transfer speeds. If you’re looking for the best VPN service then this service should be a requirement.


This particular protocol should be included on any service considered the best VPN service. It is truly unique it is not only used for security purposes during tunneling but also for encryption. It is normally used together with the L2TP protocol in the encrypting of data while it is being transferred. In addition to this, it is also used in the OSI model, and specifically at the 3rd layer. Due to this, it is more costly in terms of resources than PPTP and L2TP. It is quite convenient for IP traffic and can only be used for Windows 2000 and higher.


SSL, also known as the “client-less†protocol, stands out the most. This is because it is the only protocol which does not require the services of a VPN client hence the name “client-lessâ€. IN place of the clients, the SSL protocol uses digital online certificates to activate. Both the client and server are required to give authentication. Experts, in fact, have ranked SSL as the best VPN protocol there is due to the protocol’s effectiveness. It is very fast and utilizes TCP ports for its functioning. Because it listens on TCP the best VPN service should offer a range of UDP ports to connect to ensure the fastest possible connection.