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David Cox At LiquidVPN

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The v2 website

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When LiquidVPN became a VPN provider I setup the website and then did the billing area. By the time I was done with the billing area I knew I was not really happy with the websites usability. So I revised it a few times and each time I revised it I felt it was still missing something but I couldn’t figure out what. I asked our awesome subscribers for their feedback a lot of things become clear. One of the main complaints was about the sites navigation and lack of information.

With v2 the navigation for the main site and the billing area has been refined over and over until finally it became something that was actually easy to use and complemented the website in general. Some users just want the basics and a simple method to contact support and subscribe. Because of this one of the things I decided early on was to make the landing page its own fully functioning website. We hope that new users will get past the first page but its no longer required if you are looking for the basics.[/vc_column_text][dt_gap height=”40″]

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The V2 Plans

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After much back and forth about the plans and service it has been decided to get rid of the single session plans in favor of a 2 session plan. This is because when a VPN with only 1 session unexpectedly disconnects it is impossible to reconnect until the session times out. This could be a few seconds up to a few minutes or more depending on how the disconnect happened. We have added a family plan that comes with a second Liquid Viscosity license.

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Optional Firewall

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On the Road Warrior VPN and the Family VPN we have added an optional firewall that applies the latest intrusion detection algorithms and filters to block incoming attacks and probes. This is very useful for security minded subscribers because the VPN by nature bypasses your routers firewall.

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Liquid Viscosity

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Our VPN software Liquid Viscosity has gotten a facelift. You will be prompted to update the software as soon as we finish testing and it goes live. We expect 2014 will be a huge year for LiquidVPN. We aim to be the top VPN provider of 2014. We need your feedback to get there. So keep sending on your thoughts and reviews.

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