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Public WiFi Security Not a Priority for Many

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Many people are clueless when it comes to public WiFi security. Like most other aspects of the average Joe’s life on, as long as it is free personal information security falls to the wayside. The carefree mentality of a lot of netizens’ use of public WiFi stems from both not fully understanding the risks and lack of information about how to achieve proper security while on a public WiFi network. Public WiFi Security- if Only we Knew A poll of 2,000 Britains conducted by Intel Security, formerly known as MCafee, highlights the …


Russian Censorship Growing More Audacious

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We have outd before, here on LiquidVPN, that Russia is no stranger to bending the internet to suit its own will. Its (most likely) state-sanctioned internet hacking and trolling has grown to be a force to be reckoned with. It has been a long time resident on Reporters Without Borders’ ‘Enemies of the Internet’ list along with North Korea and China. Besides hacking and releasing well coordinated fake news events, Russian censorship has also gained notoriety. Russia Blocks Wikipedia After a prosecutor in Russia saw a Wikipedia article on charas- also known as …

Is TOR started to show its weaknesses and unraveling?

Is TOR Starting to Unravel?

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A report released earlier this month again brought into question of how secure The Onion Router (TOR) really is. Netizens are used to this type of warning, as this is not the first time that TOR’s security has been brought into the spotlight. However, the legitimacy- or unjust paranoia caused by- this claim has prompted the most popular dark web marketplace to temporarily close its doors. Is Agora’s Paranoia with TOR founded? Agora is a typical dark web marketplace. By accessing the site through TOR you gain access to firearms, …

Google's EU antitrust trouple

Google Replies to Antitrust Lawsuit

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Two requested and granted extensions later, Google has finally responded to the European Commission’s (EC) claim that it violated antitrust laws. The EC filed a lawsuit in April after investigating the tech giant for several years under two different commissioners. The EC has also received formal complaints from many companies about Google’s search results page. Google has been largely silent on the issue, but finally filed a formal rebuttal last Thursday. Google has a Checkered Past in the UK This case is of special significance in the UK where Google holds …

where will Australian censorship end

Australian Censorship Hits a Snag

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Back in June, we here at LiquidVPN brought you news that Australia passed a broad censorship bill similar to that of New Zealand. The new bill put it on track to compete with countries like China and North Korea for most suppressive censorship laws. The Copyright Infringement Amendments Act of 2015 gave Australia the title of having the most censored internet in the western world. The Australian censorship bill that was massively unpopular with the public passed the parliament with a near landslide bipartisan vote. The new law gives copyright holders the …

cyrptocurrency and bitcoins

Advantages and Uses of Bitcoins

Michael Crypto Currency

With bitcoin finding traction in the UK and most recently Australia, the advantages of bitcoins is becoming apparent. What started off as a geek trend from a mysterious character has now become a currency respected by many businesses, including LiquidVPN. As acceptance has continued to grow so has the uses for bitcoins. Using Bitcoins for Anonymity One of the biggest advantages of bitcoins is that you can remain completely anonymous in your transactions. Using a debit, credit card, or bank account for transactions creates a paper trail, and account …

Hacking Team hacked by benevolent hacker

CISA a Dead Bill Reanimated- Again

Michael Privacy

If you’re like me, you loathe it when a TV series brings a character who you thought was dead back to life. It rarely actually adds anything to the show and leaves it feeling a little bit cheaper. Usually in real life if you think someone is dead, they are: Elvis is dead, Tupac is dead. So I have special contempt for legislation that has been defeated several times in the past only to be resurrected the moment our guard goes down. Instances where the people have clearly spen and …

Freedom Act has helped the US but what what about the UK?

The DEA is Listening to Us (Illegally) Too

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The DEA is the latest agency whos overreaching has been tossed into the public spotlight. In January of this year during a case about a man accused of violating export restrictions on goods to Iran, the DEA disclosed that they had been collecting metadata on phone calls. However, it to several months until the full scale was realized. Another Day Another (Illegal) Surveillance Program The initial case involved a phone number from southern California to Iran and the exportation of “technological goods” into Iran. However, by the time of the discover in January of …

more bad news from leaked Snowden documents

AT&T the NSA’s Most Prized Possession

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Everyone knows that telecommunications companies are helping the NSA spy on Americans. We also know that some of these companies that provide internet and telecommunications put up a fight- but ultimately lost. Yahoo is the most known for attempting to fight PRISM-the program that gave the government warrant to compel large tech companies to continually hand over large bulks of data. After putting up a long fight in the secret court of FISA and being threatened with a $250,000 fine-a-day for not complying, Yahoo finally lost the fight against PRISM. …

Impact Team putting lipstick on millions of collars

Impact Team Makes Good on Promise… Twice

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As if you needed any proof that companies do not care about your privacy- even when it is one of their main objectives- Ashley Madison has its members information stolen. Impact Team Double Dump Hackers that breached Ashley Madison’s records have released two massive data files. The first of which was nearly 10GB in size. It contained about 32 million users’ credit cards, addresses, names, and amounts paid to Ashley Madison- the “most recognized and reputable extramarital affair company.” The file, released in torrent format on the dark web, caused a feeding …