Civil Rights Groups Support End Of Net Neutrality

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In a report by The Intercept, certain civil rights groups, funded by telecoms, support Donald Trump’s plan to kill net neutrality. Established by the Obama administration, these neutrality rules stop ISPs from controlling network bandwidth to prioritize certain content over others. Will this be the end of Net Neutrality? Under Obama, the FCC created rules to establish net neutrality by reclassifying high-speed Internet as a regulated telecommunications service, instead of an information service. This ensured that ISPs couldn’t interfere with network speeds, like in T-Mobile’s Binge On! program. But the …

Unblock Netflix with LiquidVPN the Best Netflix VPN

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If you’re using a VPN right now, great! VPNs are a good way to be safer as you browse the web.  However, you might run into a couple of bumps as a VPN user, namely Netflix VPN errors. It is possible to bypass the recent Netflix VPN ban and those pesky Netflix proxy errors too. We’ll show you how. LiquidVPN is a good VPN to use because it has built-in technology designed to help you unblock Netflix, among others. Features like LiquidLock, LiquidDNS and Smart Content Streaming can help you unblock …

Is it Illegal to use a VPN Service?

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*Feb 3, 2017: Because of new anti-VPN laws passed recently this article has been updated* Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are excellent tools to uphold the principles of privacy and anonymity. But is it legal to use them? Further Reading Here’s why the United Arab Emirates outlawed VPNs How IP Modulation Improves Your VPN Experience As we recently saw last month, the United Arab Emirates made it illegal to use a VPN. Their reason? They don’t want you using any system that is capable of hiding the fact that you are committing a …

Encryption Backdoor Endorsed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions, President Trumps new Attorney General for the United States, has recently shown that he supports an encryption backdoor. President Trump seems to support this as well, lambasting Apple when the company wouldn’t unlock an iPhone for the FBI. What Is An Encryption Backdoor? A backdoor is any method, usually secret, that bypasses the usual authentication process in a product, computer system, cryptosystem or algorithm. In encryption, a backdoor would mean that agencies like the NSA could design an encryption algorithm in such a way that they could easily …

One Man in the Middle Compromises 76 Popular iPhone Apps

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An iOS app analysis service has found that 76 popular iPhone apps are confirmed to be vulnerable to the silent interception of TLS-protected data. Beware of these popular iPhone apps During testing, developers of a mobile app analysis service found issues with many popular iPhone apps. Here are the details we have so far: 76 popular iPhone apps let a secret man-in-the-middle attack to be performed on connections that should otherwise be protected by TLS (HTTPS). This MitM vulnerability lets data be intercepted and manipulated. According to Apptopia, there has been …

Should Apple Build their Own iPhone VPN?

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Recently, Apple website 9To5Mac published a feature request article; the author suggested that Apple should build an iOS VPN network and VPN app for iPhone. However, is this a good idea? Apple’s VPN on iPhone is Very Bad for Privacy Last year Google released an Android feature called Wi-Fi Assistant. It lets Android customers use Google’s free VPN service when they connect to insecure public Wi-Fi hotspots. However, on iOS, Apple users do not have this option. Instead, they have to buy VPN service from a third-party. 9To5Mac author Greg …

Unblock Blocked Websites at School

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Content filtering on the internet has become more and more common. As a matter of fact, some governments such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China and Iran have put into place Internet-censorship laws that have extended the censorship to almost each and every locally-available site. This is also quite popular in a number of institutions especially schools and offices. Each institution has its reason for blocking websites. In most cases, they do not want their students or employees to waste time on ‘useless’ sites. The most commonly-blocked sites include social sites, Yahoo!, YouTube, MySpace, Orkut, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter and the like.

Top 10 Adblockers for Apple iOS devices

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*Feb 9, 2017: Because of new information this article has been updated* Today Apple held its annual Worldwide Developer Conference. Many great features were announced on all four platforms that Apple now focuses on; watchOS, tvOS, iOS and MacOS (formerly Mac OS X). Apple continues to focus on the privacy of its users, and the forthcoming iOS 10 update shows that more than ever. An important but controversial part of privacy and security is using adblockers. The use of this technology is a big issue and leaves many people divided. …

How Secure Is Your Android VPN App?

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A research paper [PDF] from the University of California and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) analyzed a group of Android VPN apps. They found that these particular apps had privacy and security issues. Further Reading VPN On Chromebook: How To Set It Up Why Switzerland is a great place for a VPN More people are starting to realize the benefits of using a virtual private network. But without a lot of tech knowledge, it’s easy to assume that all VPNs are created equal. They are not, and this …

VPN On Chromebook: How To Set It Up

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Did you know it’s possible to use a VPN on Chromebook? Virtual private networks aren’t just for Windows and Macs, and we’ll show you how to set one up. Further Reading Beat Netflix Proxy Errors with Our Netflix VPN Top 10 Adblockers for Apple iOS devices Using a VPN on Chromebook Google Chromebooks have built-in support for these VPN technologies: L2TP over IPsec with PSK L2TP over IPsec with certificate-based authentication OpenVPN Sign into your Chromebook and click the status area, which is where your account picture is. Click Settings. …