snowden treaty

Snowden Treaty: Evolving the Privacy Dialogue

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On September 24th Edward Snowden and his key supporters unveiled a plan in hopes of curtailing the escalation of mass surveillance. The proposed International Treaty on the Right to Privacy, Protection Against Improper Surveillance and Protection of Whistleblowers is aimed at getting nations to agree to set aside their own interests and do away with mass internet surveillance. The proposed International Treaty on the Right to Privacy, Protection Against Improper Surveillance and Protection of Whistleblowers christened, the Snowden Treaty, has made the group’s intentions clear. Edward Snowden, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, …

safe harbor between US and EU is in peril

Safe Harbor Destroyed: US Must Fix it, And Soon

Michael The Internet

European privacy standards are often regarded as much stringent than those found in other parts of the world. Other developed nations- the US included- are lagging behind when protecting its netizens’ privacy. Through standards and laws over the years the European Union has provided many protections that netizens from other countries haven’t even thought to ask for. Some of the safeguards enable an individual to access information held about them, be given notice about how their data is collected and used, and have the opportunity to opt out of …

LiquidVPN for windows

The New LiquidVPN Client

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Having a virtual private network, or VPN, at your disposal is essential for performing many tasks on. Many consumers use their VPN while connected to guest networks like Wi-Fi hotspots to protect their data from 3rd party eavesdroppers.  For those that like to download it can increase your speed and bypass site filters that limit P2P downloading. A VPN service can also help you bypass geo-fenced content that the censorship brigade has decided you can’t view. For those of you living abroad a strong VPN service like LiquidVPN will enable you to access regionally blocked …

thailand's firewall

Expats in Thailand Prepare for Single Internet Gateway

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It seems that things could always get worse. This rings especially true for expats living in Thailand. I personally Thailand. I lived there for several months and would to visit- if not live- there again. However, their view on the internet is getting progressively authoritarian and it is slated to get worse. Only a month ago I wrote about the dire circumstance of internet freedom in Thailand as well as the expected loosening of China’s stranglehold on its citizens’ internet access. China, for instance, is expected to start …


Mega Saga: Dotcom, Kingpins of Piracy on Trial

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After years of successful ay, the three Megaupload executives finally began their extradition hearing in September. Up until this point the quartet in New Zealand were able to ay for over three years. They tangled the case up in technicalities and arguments about the United State Department of Justice’s legal standing for seizing hundreds of millions of dollars in assets. Dotcom Dodging the DOJ Originally federal investigators arrested four men. They were able to get another man, Andrus Nõmm, to plead guilty after losing his extradition case in the Netherlands. He was sentenced …

Piracy on the internet and rightscorp

Rightscorp and the Bastard Ethics of Copyright Infringement

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Being able to take advantage of the market by utilizing fresh ideas is one of the perks of the free market that we live in. Breaking into a new industry is often times made easier when you are able to take an angle that no one has thought of- or been able to implement correctly- before. This is what Digital Rights Corps was able to do in the copyright infringement market four years ago. The Alternative to DMCA Notices However, breaking into an industry with a fresh idea is only …

amicus curiae leveling the scales

First FISA Court Amicus Curiae

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After the unexpected sunsetting of the USA PATRIOT ACT in June, congress was able to take a step forward in public privacy by passing the USA FREEDOM ACT. However, in the end, the American people only got two changes to the way the NSA was conducting surveillance. Fortunately, one of those changes is finally beginning to take shape. Two Worthwhile Changes to NSA Surveillance The passing of the USA Freedom Act changed the US government’s surveillance program in essentially only two ways. The first of which was the handling of …

Cybersecurity, Freedom Act has helped the US but what what about the UK?

China and US Consensus on Cybersecurity

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A new milestone was reached between China and the US this week. During Xi Jinping’s, the President of the People’s Republic of China, visit to the US, President Obama and President Xi were able to come to a consensus about on espionage and cybersecurity. Initial Doubts About Cybersecurity The visit by the Chinese President has been a much talked about meeting over the last several months. Growing tensions over many factors like cybersecurity, military buildup, disputes in the South China Sea, and the devaluation of the yuan had many doubting …

right to be forgotten

Can We Forget About the Right to be Forgotten

Michael Censorship

If you thought that the news of Google having to remove stories about removing stories was bad- wait until you hear what the French are doing. About a month ago, UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) ruled that not only does Google have to comply with the right to be forgotten law; they also must ensure that websites that talk about the removed results be removed from search results as well. Essentially, forget what has been forgotten. This came about after an individual requested that his criminal record be expunged from Google’s search …

Net neutrality

Net Neutrality in the Presidential Race

Michael Censorship

In the summer of re-emerging battles that netizens and activists have thought won, yet another materializes before our very eyes. Within the past few months I have written about defeated bills like the CISA bill (aka SOPA) and long defeated 90’s era cryptography policies. The newest resurrection is the net neutrality battle which although is ongoing has been given new supporters by way of the GOP. Net Neutrality in a Nutshell What net neutrality suggests is that all internet should be treated equally. As of now (for the most part), that …