GCHQ Squares Off Against Amnesty International at ECHR Over Privacy Violations

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Thanks to Edward Snowden it is no longer a secret that both the United States and United Kingdom are carrying out mass surveillance on the majority of the world. These revelations caused a stir within the privacy community and as a result of this human rights organisations are about to put the UK intelligence agency the GCHQ to task by taking them to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The ECHR is the highest court in the European Union and is usually reserved for cases that have been heard …

New USA VPN Servers

New Liquid Viscosity VPN Client and USA VPN Servers Online

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The newest version of Liquid Viscosity has been published today for both Windows and Mac. It makes finding your favorite server much easier than in previous versions. It also includes updates to the core Liquid Viscosity application and support for the new LiquidVPN website design. The latest VPN servers are included with this release. This update is recommended but not required. Users can rely on the automatic update process if they wish and their security settings allow it. Mac users must update OS X before updating or installing Liquid Viscosity. All …


Feds seek to shed some light on the darknet of Reddit

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Reddit users of a subreddit known as /r/darknetmarkets are being targeted by law enforcement in the United States. The Baltimore Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Immigration and Customs Enforcement has sent a subpoena seeking details of select users. The subreddit which deals with discussion of the underground drug scene carried out on what is known as the “dark web” has been targeted by law enforcement hoping to catch up with certain users who could be of interest to them. What is the Dark Web? The term “dark web” has become …

Rob Wainwright Europol

Encryption aids terrorism says Europol boss

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Where you stand on encryption generally depends on whether you’re part of a government organisation or not. This week Europol police chief waded in to the encryption debate stating that online communication that makes use of encryption is the biggest problem for security services in their fight against terrorism. Europol head Rob Wainwright was interviewed as saying hidden areas of the internet are making it more difficult for Europol and other agencies to monitor terrorists. Wainwright is likely referring to TOR, encrypted services such as VPNs and directly encrypted chat …


Section 66A Facebook arrest law is Dead in India

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Web censorship is constantly in the headlines these days and none more so than in India. Indian web activists have been celebrating this week after courts struck down what has been dubbed as the “Facebook” arrest law. The Supreme Court in India has put the final nail in the coffin for a law known as Section 66A dubbed “The Facebook Arrest Law.” The law gave police the powers of arrest for people who made derogatory comments on the internet such as on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Indian …

Miss Turkey

140 Characters Lands Miss Turkey in Jail

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We’re all used to hearing stories of dictatorships cracking down on social media but more surprising are the moves Turkey have been making in recent years to limit their citizens use of online tools to communicate freely. Last year Twitter was blocked from being accessed inside Turkey in a response to recordings of private government meetings being leaked on YouTube and the sharing of links via the social media site. Users quickly found ways to circumvent such blocks and the restriction was lifted a month later. No freedom of speech …


How AT&T Plans to Exploit Customers Online Privacy

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Online privacy and tracking are hot topics these days, users are more concerned about their privacy and how their personal information is stored and used. Step up AT&T who are taking the privacy stakes to a whole new level by actually charging users to protect their privacy. On the surface protecting a user’s privacy sounds like a great service to be offered especially directly by your ISP. What could be better than the source of your internet connection being the one who will keep your personal surfing habits safe? Well nothing, …


Net Neutrality Scores a Victory for Now

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After months of uncertainty Net Neutrality in the United States has finally been safeguarded. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have approved rules that protect the freedom of the internet and allow information to pass without hindrance. What is Net Neutrality even? Net Neutrality has been a buzz word for the past 12 months and unless you’ve been living in a cave off the grid you will have been hard pressed to have not at the very least heard of the phrase. Net Neutrality is the ideal that all information should pass …


Miami VPN Server Online and IP Modulation 3.0 is Coming Soon

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As many of you know we have been adding VPN servers quite frequently over the last 3 weeks. We have added 2 new VPN locations (Virginia and Miami) and we have added a new VPN server to Germany. We have taken the time to do a lot of network optimization and the response from the users have been great. Many of you know IP modulation is our exclusive technology that has evolved quite a bit over the last few years. Now that evolution is about to take a giant leap with …


How to Cast the Net Around Superfish and Remove It

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Laptop and tablet maker Lenovo have found themselves in deep water during the past few weeks with an advertising malware surprise pre-installed on systems dubbed, Superfish. How Superfish exploded Users of Lenovo products started complaining on the Lenovo forums at the tail end of 2014 reporting that pre-installed software was being used to pop up adverts on their Lenovo systems. Many of us have experienced annoying adware or malware that pops up adverts mid-browsing session generally related to the type of content you’re browsing. While infection can happen to the …