Anti Online Privacy and Net Neutrality? Vote for Marco Rubio

Mathew Sayer From our Prospective

Marco Rubio is the Washington Establishment favourite (sorry Jeb) hoping to take down Tea Party Ted and the Donald for the GOP. Having placed in a solid third place in Iowa expectations are high for the scamp. However, his poor showing in the debate on Saturday night have people wondering, people wondering, people wondering. Oops, had a little touch of Rubiosis there. Rubiosis is a common condition amongst politicians where they repeat the same thing over and over because their media team strategized it. Tech Literacy Rubio knows that terrorists …


Trump is Trumped on All Fronts

Mathew Sayer From our Prospective

We’ve covered Bernie and Hillary; now the Republicans face our grilling. We are going to start off the GOP with a man they said would never make it; they said he would fade away, they said he did not stand a chance. Millions of Americans are proving them wrong and perhaps giving us a glimpse of the not to distant future where a candidate like Kanye West in 2020 is not just for our entertainment. Gather round ye Romans, let me tell you about a man named Trump. What kind …

Let's Encrypt

Lawmakers Push for Emergency Access to your Smartphone

Helasvuo In the News

Recent bills proposed in New York and California, make the bold move to authorize automatic decryption of end-user devices such as your smartphone or tablet as long as a search warrant is in effect. No need to ask the owner of the encrypted instrument about decryption keys. Currently, there is no legal emergency access permit for local cops to enter your smartphone, unlock it, and decrypt its contents in case of emergency. Should they have one? While devices can be taken into custody, inspected, and used as evidence in the …

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton and the Cyclops

Mathew Sayer From our Prospective

There are no cyclops in this post. If you are looking for Cyclops related news, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place. Hillary Clinton is next in line for our uncomprehensive Candidate review. Hillary Clinton Considered the ‘inevitable’ Democratic candidate Clinton has a slate of high offices and high-rolling followers. High school idiocy aside Clinton has been a champion of progressive causes for decades, except that time she opposed gay marriage. Does this mean Hillary is open to debate and willing to change her mind when a coherent argument is …

Bernie Sanders Gets Internet Privacy

Bernie Sanders Fights for Your Internet Privacy

Mathew Sayer From our Prospective

The Iowa caucus is fast approaching; so we’re going to put aside the bitter clingin’ aneurysm-fest for a moment to see how the candidates if elected, would shape the Internet. We’re going to look at voting records, the Snowdometer, and tech literacy- would they be caught holding an iPad of paper? First up Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders The veteran from Vermont has a civil rights record stretching back to the 60s; he was literally there for “I Have A Dream.” Sanders is one of the few politicians without a “Controversy” …

A journey into the dark web and darknet

How the Darknet Got its Groove Back

Jason Sander From our Prospective

The Darknet. Just saying those words sends chills down some people’s spines. Others, it piques interest or inspires a smile. Like any new technology, people have misconceptions about what the Darknet is. The Darknet or Dark Web is an all-encompassing buzzword created to describe the “World Wide Wild West Web”. Most people who are skeptical of the Darknet and TOR browsers have heard of the black market website the Silk Road, where users had access to a myriad of illegal products and services before it was shut down. More recently …


How Outdated Laws on Internet Communications Affects you

Steven From our Prospective

While we would like to think of the internet as a playground, where we can freely post ideas, opinions, and share information from the safety, security, and privacy behind our monitors, the United States federal government says otherwise. Even before the creation of the internet as we know it today, the United States government has issued rules and regulations, many of which you may not be aware of. Laws, such as the Electronic Communication Privacy Act of 1986, were created in response to the world that was rapidly starting to connect at …

Social Media Friend or Foe

Social Media: Privacy Friend or Foe?

Steven Informative Internet Guides

Like many people, I’m assuming that you have a social media account be it a Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. The list of sites, which encourage you to enter your personal information for the sake of interaction with others, is exhaustive. But just how secure are these sites, what do they use your information for, and how do you make sure that your information is protected? Aside from entering things such as your personal phone number, address, and other bits of personal information that you’d rather not a complete …

Congress Passes CISA

Congress Uses Budget Bill To Pass CISA

Nick Tomasovic In the News

On December 18th, Congress approved the year-end budget bill, which President Obama later signed into law. However, that was not all they passed. Congress also attached the controversial CISA bill, hidden within these very same budget proposals. Through misdirection, they were able to enact cybersecurity measures that infringe upon the privacy of American citizens. What CISA Means For You In a nutshell, CISA gives organizations like the NSA and FBI free reign on your information, whether it is your texts or your e-mails. Tech companies will be required to place backdoors that …

Internet Privacy and Security Year in Review

Internet Privacy in 2015. The Good, Bad and Ugly

LiquidDave At LiquidVPN

The internet just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and as it grows, governments around the world seek more and more to control it. 2015 was no different. Whether the topic was net neutrality or internet privacy, debates were had, laws passed, and standards changed. Let’s take a look back at some of the biggest news from 2015. What do you want first: the good news or the bad? The Good: Patriot Act expires In mid-2015, several parts of the infamous Patriot Act expired, including the ones considered the most harmful. Could …