Anonymous launches OpParis

Anonymous Targets ISIS: Operation Paris

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The cyber vigilante group has set their sights on a new target this week. Anonymous has developed quite a name for itself by interfering in everything from Scientology to the Ferguson protests. They have been such a force to reckon with that they are often considered the pioneers of hacktivism. Now, they have set their sights on a much larger, and dangerous, target: ISIS. Anonymous Launches Operation Paris Truly, Anonymous has come a long way from the trolling individuals that once roamed on 4Chan image and message boards. Their usual …

download safely. avoid viruses, worms, and adware

How to Spot Hidden Malware and Download Safely

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Let’s face it, all of us have downloaded something at one point or the other. And most of us have taken a risk while downloading something. Whether the download was a peer-to-peer (P2P) file, a crack file, or Britney Spear’s latest single at one point or the other we haven’t taken the necessary precaution to prevent introducing a virus to our computer. Safest Way to Download- Don’t Some people, myself included, have also at one point or the other, inadvertently did the unthinkable- download adware, or worse yet, a virus. …

netzpolitik & Sci-Hub under attack

Publisher Moves to Block Cheap Access to Academic Research

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A case that we have talked about before on LiquidVPN moves forward. In the beginning proceedings Elsevier, academic paywall site extraordinaire, was successful in getting a preliminary injunction against Library Genesis Project (LibGen) and Sci-Hub. A Vicious Cycle In a struggle that I liken to Mad Max where Immortan Joe hoards the water that his subjects desire, need; Elsevier too, is in the business of withholding a precious commodity from the public. If the first motion- and subsequent victory for Elsevier- is anything to go by then it seems that the academic paywall …

LiquidVPN with Liquid Lock

The Latest LiquidVPN Client Update Introduces Liquid Lock

LiquidDave At LiquidVPN

After countless hours of development and testing by our desktop client development team and QA guys version we are ready to release the latest update to the LiquidVPN client for Mac. The Windows release is scheduled to go live next week. Both Mac and Windows clients have pretty much the same features so I will go over the Mac release (ver. 1.12) here and point out any differences for Windows. There is a long list of new features included with LiquidVPN version 1.12 (Mac) and quite a bit of re-worked ...

Chicago VPN Servers for League of Legends Players

LiquidDave Server Locations

I cannot count the number of times I have answered tickets over the last 4 months by League of Legends gamers requesting VPN servers in Chicago to cut down latency in their new North American data center.  We finally found a suitable host in Chicago that is able to deliver amazing ping times the LOL players needed while still meeting our strict data center requirements on connectivity, security, privacy and policy. The first 2 VPN servers online in Chicago each have 2Gbps of throughput a piece on redundant networks. Meaning players should see …

Has the TOR project started to show its weaknesses and unraveling?

Universities Deanonymizing TOR Project for the FBI?

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The TOR Project (The Onion Router) ability to protect its users’ anonymity has been in question for quite a while.  The FBI has remained understandably tight lipped about how they managed to uncover information leading to the IP address and subsequent capture of Ross Ulbricht, the owner of the Silk Road. A later investigation code named Operation Onymous was immensely successful as well. With the cooperation of several agencies authorities were able to take down Silk Road 2.0, a top staffer there- as well as several other darknet market places …

Hacking and malware is not slowing down

Staying Safe Online: Phishing and Malware

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Since the dawn of the internet people have been scheming ways to make a quick buck. Just like in the physical world, in the virtual one people devise plans to trick others out of their money. The infamous Nigerian prince email scam has given way to a wide array of other plots to get your money. Most recently, criminals have started to take over your computer and hold your data ransom. However, the classic phishing schemes and the good ol’ ruin-your-day-malware is still common as well. Phishing for Your Personal …

ransomware and hackers for better infosec

What is Ransomware and How to Protect Yourself

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You may have noticed that recently something called ransomware has been making headlines a lot lately. Although this form of cybercrime has been prevalent since 2005. In the past few months there has been a rapid rise in these cases. Starting in 2013 Cryptolocker, and more recently Cryptowall have proved to be too much for authorities to handle. The recent rash seems to have its epicenter in eastern Europe and Russia by teams or individuals targeting those in the West: particularly the US and UK. Initially mainly targeting individuals those launching …

how to change your IP address

How To Change Your IP Address

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How To Change Your IP Address IP addresses, or Internet Protocol addresses, are a unique identifier assigned to every device connected to the internet. Depending on your Internet Service Provider you may be assigned either a static or dynamic IP address. Static IP addresses stay with the device even after disconnecting and reconnecting to the internet, whereas dynamic IP addresses may change after being disconnected (ie. rebooting) your computer. If you are given a static IP address there are some reasons why you might want to change your devices IP …

Edward Snowden

3 Reasons Why You Should Know Edward Snowden

Michael From our Prospective

With the advent of the Internet it is now easier than ever to become famous. YouTube stars are born nearly overnight. Some people are famous simply by association, others stay in the limelight for all of the wrong reasons like sex scandals and drugs. Essentially everyone is a good hashtag or Instagram account away from stardom. It is some wonder, then, why a man who changed the tone of the past decade, and ushered in discussion that we will be having for the next decade- if not much longer- is …