Encryption in the UK is under scrutiny

David Cameron’s Battle on Encryption

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Ever since Edward Snowden’s revelations on the NSA and GCHQ’s surveillance programs, tech companies have been scrambling to improve their encryption capabilities. Shortly after the general elections, Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to bring encryption in the UK to a screeching halt. Current Encryption Policies As it stands now, in Australia and the UK you can go to jail for not telling law enforcement your password. There are cases in both countries when failure to comply to requests for passwords has resulted in six months jail time or more. In other …

knowledge is power

Immortan Joe and The Academic Paywall

Michael The Internet

The internet is arguably the biggest technological advancement ever. It has opened gateways and opportunities never before even imagined. From being able to easily become an expat and make money virtually anywhere in the world, to how it has been able to connect every corner of the Earth, the internet has changed the world. Another man-made invention is constantly threatening to limit the abilities of the internet. Money- and the human thirst for it- has constantly been a thorn in the side of the internet. Net neutrality is the first thing that comes …

Protesters against c-51 in Calgary

C-51, Canada’s Own Excessive Anti-Terrorism Bill

Michael Privacy

Canada has upped the ante on their anti-terrorism program. This month the anti-terror bill C-51 was passed through parliament and given royal assent. It was introduced as a conservative bill but gained liberal support as well from the New Democratic Party- although they called for amendments to the bill. C-51, officially known as the Investigative Powers for the 21st Century Act, will make ISPs and search engines store e-mail, telephone and internet communications in order to disclose this information to governments, no warrant necessary. What is Canada’s C-51 Anti-Terrorism Bill About, …

you can choose anywhere to live abraod

How to Make Money While Living Abroad

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Traveling, for most people, is a big deal. Whether it’s just a cruise for a week, or an extended vacation in South America there are not many people that don’t want to see at least some part of the world. And there is so much to see; if you are as curious as I am you will never run out of ideas of places to visit. Have you ever been on a vacation, soaking up the beach in the Bahamas, enjoying the culture in Europe, or chowing down on exotic …


3 Useful Websites Every Netizen Should Bookmark

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Stop Playing with your Search Engine Privacy, switch to DuckDuckGo With more and more netizens concerned with search engine privacy, especially regarding Google; a new search engine is making headway. DuckDuckGo is fast becoming a force to reckon with. And for good reason. Google has long had questionable privacy tactics. Every search that you have ever made is stored on their massive servers. They then add information from Google Maps, YouTube, and any other Google services used (Google Talk, Google Drive etc.)  to get a pretty good picture of all of …


Censorship Reaches a New Height in Australia

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Australia, this week, was able to pass internet restrictions that not even the UK or the US has been able to enact. No, no, This bill is more along the lines of censorship-rich countries like Turkey, Syria, Russia, Singapore (not a country, I know), and China. This came in the form of a bill known as the Copyright Amendment Act 2015. This bill is aimed at protecting the owners of copyrights. It was passed as an attempt to curtail the distribution of movies, shows, music, and other forms of entertainment …

Faceprint technology in use

Fingerprints, Faceprints, and Facebook Moments

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As the fight on the USA PATRIOT Act was making headway, another was losing ground. On June 16, consumer watchdog and human rights groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union, as well as several others, gave up government talks to place regulations on facial recognition software that use your faceprint to identify you. This is a big thing to do. Not very often do you hear of the ACLU and the EFF backing out of a fight. But after 16 months of fighting they have, “decided this …

WebAssebly will be a masterpiece and the answer to the universal web bytecode problem.

WebAssembly, the Future of the Internet

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WebAssembly may be the next step in the coding evolution. Four of the major web browser developers have been working together behind closed doors for months. One of the biggest problems that people considered when they thought about using a universal bytecode was that the major web browser developers would never play nice. However, the key players: Microsoft, Mozilla, Google, and Apple, have been collaborating for months. JavaScript, since 1995, has been virtually the sole engine used in building websites. This is amazing when you consider it took Brendan Eich only ten …

Being a digital nomad can be quite rewarding.

Free Yourself by Being a Digital Nomad

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Are you ready to truly live? To live life to the fullest like so many people claim to do? Then being a digital nomad is for you. The idea of living abroad might seem daunting at first, it was for me, but as the saying goes: ‘you can do anything you put your mind to.’  The biggest thing is setting your mind on the goal of actually leaving. Where do you want to go? Tanzania in Africa where you can go on safaris, climb mountains, and layout on the beach …

Hacking is not slowing down

The Wide, Wide World of Hacking

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Hackers are continuing to have a field day, as evidenced by the latest notable hack: the hacking of password manager LastPass. On Monday, 16 June, LastPass notified its users via its blog that the website that holds millions of customers passwords had been compromised. According to arguably the most popular online password manager, email addresses, encrypted master passwords, password reminders, server per user salts (a tool that makes passwords harder to guess, making the hacker gain access to each encrypted master password individually), and authentication hashes were accessed by the hackers. …