Bulk datasets are common in business and now government, anonymous torrent

Bulk personal datasets for everybody!

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Privacy International, a London-based group, have obtained a substantial heap of previously confidential files as part of a legal case that challenges the scope of GCHQ’s operations and its troves of personal data. “The staggering extent to which the intelligence agencies hoover up our data. This can be anything from your private medical records, your correspondence with your doctor or lawyer, even what petitions you have signed, your financial data, and commercial activities.” – Millie Graham Wood, legal officer at Privacy International (The Intercept) An authorization of bulk personal dataset …

Father, Husband, Teacher and Meth Chef- probably used a vpn service too.

Apple-FBI back in court, but why?

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An iPhone 5S belonging to a New York meth dealer has brought Apple and the US government back together in court. The same piece of legislation that fuelled March’s high-profile legal dispute, the All Writs Act of 1789, was brought out to play again. But things aren’t as straightforward as they could be. The phone in question is running iOS7, meaning that it does not have the sort of “go dark” encryption capabilities that James Comey was whining about last year. There is a common hack that is up to …

Opera VPN is joined by pop up video

Opera VPN is free and unlimited, but hold on

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Opera have become the first major browser to integrate an “unlimited and free VPN.” The company reviewed their product plans in January. They found that people needed new features to for using the internet safely in 2016. Opera VPN is the result. “Right now we are releasing VPN in the Developer/alpha channel to gather feedback from users. Based on this feedback we will estimate on how much time we need to develop the stable version. Our usual release cycle is six weeks.” –Opera spokesperson (Ars Technica) Canadian based Surf Easy …

Drake's album is the most torrent ever

The Torrent Top 20 Revealed

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The spending pyramid of music has inverted. The cost of a concert ticket has climbed dramatically while the price of an album if you have a torrent or streaming service at least, free. ExtraTorrent, one of the biggest and oldest torrent sites on the internet released the top 20 films and music downloaded. There are no figures but the ExtraTorrent team told Torrent Freak that the top ten had been downloaded at least 10 million times. Quick bit of methodology- the number represents the downloads of .torrent files from the site and …

Visualize Data

Seeing the Spectrum

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Look around you. Walls, floors, computers, mugs, people. It’s all confined to a particular spectrum, good old visible light. But what about the rest of the spectrum? This post on Quora proposes a thought experiment where the visible colors (the rainbow) on the spectrum are stretched to cover the entire gray bar you see below. Although adamant that this is impossible Inna Vishik describes the new total coverage as looking like this: Everyone would be the same color (except for people with a fever) (infrared–>yellowish).  Also, you would be able …

Huang Yu, Chinese leaker (free vpn client)

Chinese State secret leaker (seller) sentenced to death

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A Chinese man has charged with espionage and sentenced to death for leaking state secrets. Huang Yu, 42, worked at an encryption research institute in Sichuan province from 1997 to 2004. Huang allegedly sold more than 150,000 documents over the course of several years for more than $700,000. Amongst the documents leaked were 90 “top confidential”, 292 “confidential” and 1,674 “secret” files containing cipher codes for communications. Huang reportedly offered to sell military communication codes online in 2002 and was consequently contacted by foreign intelligence agencies. When the news came …

PSA: Cover Your Camera’s Lens

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In 2011, Kyle McDonald visited two Apple Stores in Manhattan and installed some software that would take selfies of people using the shiny, shiny toys and upload them to his (now defunct) Tumblr. Kyle was later awoken by the Secret Service and had his computers confiscated. However, his work was prescient. We stare dumbly at our screens without acknowledging the camera inches from our heads. “We have this expression on our face [when we use computers] that basically says that we’re not interacting with anybody, we’re interacting with the machine.” …

Quicktime for Windows has expired and is full of holes

Quicktime for Windows has a critical vulnerability

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Cyber security company Trend Micro has uncovered two critical vulnerabilities in Quicktime for Windows. The intra-OS version of the program is being phased out. Apple has announced that there will be no more security patches. OS X versions of Quicktime are not affected.   Trend Micro chose to release the advisories by following their Disclosure Policy. When a vendor does not issue a security patch they send an advisory. Zero Day Initiative released two bulletins, ZDI-16-241, and ZDI-16-242 setting out the vulnerabilities. No attacks exist at the minute, but users …

Android VPN lets your browse and skate anonymously

Android VPN Services Available from LiquidVPN

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VPNs can be used over any internet connection, not just from desktop PCs. Android VPNs are allowed, as are iOS and Windows Phone. One could argue smartphones need VPN services even more than desktops because of the perils of free wifi hotspots in airports, cafes, trains, bars, and public spaces leaving you exposed. You can get malware, your data can be looked at by strangers if proper encryption is not used. Once you install a VPN on your mobile all the benefits of the service are now portable. You can beat national …

Free VPN is a free lunch

Is a Free VPN Worth It?

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VPNs are really bloody useful. We’ve covered a similar topic, the types of people who could use them, but using something for the first time can be a hard thing to do. Especially if the service in question doesn’t substantially change anything. A smoothly functioning VPN should be almost indistinguishable from a non-VPN routed internet connection. Free VPNs require a warning The answer to this problem for some people is to look for a free service. VPNs are not created equally; however, there are different levels of security and privacy. …