How To Create A Free AWS VPN Server With Streisand On MacOS

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After Turkey had blocked access to social media in March 2014, Streisand was devised as a way to circumvent the government ban by providing secure encryption at minimal cost. It does so by allowing the user to set up a VPN via cloud services with minimal effort. If you want to keep your browsing history safe, encrypting the data is the safest way to do it. Setting up your own is a great option, and Streisand is the perfect tool for beginners and pro’s alike. The process is automated to allow …

2017 LiquidVPN Online Privacy Guide

How To Protect Your Online Privacy in 2017 – VPNs and Tor

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VPN is and acronym for Virtual Private Network. VPNs virtualize a local network (LAN) over a distance. With a VPN computers in two locations work together like they are on one local network.   The business applications of VPNs are obvious. Employees in different offices can share resources like they’re on one local network. The data travels through the Internet inside an encrypted VPN tunnel.   What does that have to to do with privacy?   Of course, this guide isn’t for business applications. When a computer connects to a …

2017 LiquidVPN Online Privacy Guide

How To Protect Your Online Privacy in 2017 – Introduction

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I think everyone will agree with me when I say: 2017 has been a ROUGH time for the Internet. Online privacy is under attack from politicians, corporations, and criminals.  Cyber security threats are on the rise. Governments and large corporations are launching a full-scale assault on individual rights and privacy. The Internet we know and love feels like it’s dead. Or is it? Thankfully, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your online privacy. This guide is here to help teach you how to fight for the Internet …

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VPNs for Absolute Beginners – A Handy Privacy Guide

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Online privacy has become a major topic of discussion in recent years. With ISPs tracking personal information and hackers constantly snooping for data, staying safe on the web is more important than ever. There is a number of easy to use security solutions that help protect your privacy, the most reliable of which are virtual private networks. VPNs are safe, comprehensive, and inexpensive, and they’re not as complicated as they sound. ISPs and Your Data Every time you connect to the internet you send information through an internet service provider …

Netflix VPN Ban Disproportionally Targets Asian Users

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Netflix, one of the biggest streaming services in the world, has always been applauded for its largely pro-customer approach. Ever since its launch, the entertainment company has allowed users to share their login details with family and friends. In fact, they introduced a profile feature so that the content viewed by other users has no impact on the recommendations or viewing history of the primary subscriber. Desiring Full Access They never cared about customers accessing Netflix from different parts of the globe. Who, in fact, for years, spoofed their actual …

UK and the Premier League go to War with Kodi

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In case you had not heard, the Premier League has begun taking steps to combat illegal Kodi streams in the U.K. Users are yet to feel the full effect of the recent decision, although it might not be long before streaming matches without a VPN becomes a thing of the past. The following months are critical, as we’ve yet to see just how far the league is willing to go to protect their product. It could spell the end of Kodi as a cheap alternative to paying for a subscription, …

Enemies of the Internet: Senator Lamar Alexander

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Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee is on his second term. To date he has taken at least $86,000 in campaign money from Telecom companies. He voted to scrap FCC regulations that would force ISP’s to adhere to security practices designed to protect our data. His vote allowing ISP’s to digitally stalk its users is unacceptable. He takes dark money from untraceable PAC’s and clearly does care about his constituents. You can contact him at Phone: (423) 752-5337

Enemies of the Internet: Big Luther

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The former lobbyist and current Junior Alabama Senator Luther Strange voted to relax ISP security requirements and to allow them to store and sell our private data. Big Luther worked closely with Karl Rove to tip Alabama’s state judicial system in favor of corporations. It’s little wonder why he would be sell us out to the most hated companies in the country.  Read about Big Luther or contact Big Luther at his Washington DC office (202) 224-4124

Enemies of the Internet

Enemies of the Internet: Cajun John Wayne

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Meet the former YouTube star Cajun John Wayne.  Cajun John is the Louisiana Congressmen Clay Higgins. Clay is supposed to represent citizens in Louisiana’s 3rd congressional district instead he sold them out for $300.00 of sweet campaign cash. You can contact him at 337-703-6105 and let him know how grateful you are that he voted to overturn Internet privacy regulations giving your ISP the right to digitally stalk you for profit.

How to Stop ISPs From Selling Your Data

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Republicans in Congress have chosen to allow ISPs to collect your data and sell it to advertisers. Every single Democrat voted against it. This is an awful move for the American people and turns ISPs into predators. Is it possible to stop ISPs from stalking you? Repeal of Privacy Earlier this week, both the Senate and the House of Representatives voted to repeal privacy rules from the Obama administration. The FCC had rules in place that stopped internet service providers (ISPs) from sharing their customers’ web activity with third parties. The …