netzpolitik and free press under attack

Netzpolitik and Free Press Under Fire Worldwide

Michael Censorship

Last year was a tough one for free press. It seems the ever growing surveillance capabilities of nations is aimed at squeezing the life out of press freedom. The ability to see over anyone’s shoulder stifles free speech in general. Surveillance measures are getting increasingly better at identifying the sources of information. Being able to do this not only allows the government to seek out whistle blowers after information has been released; but the fear of the insurmountable capabilities- especially those of the NSA and GCHQ- is a whistleblower deterrent …

windows 10 logo

Windows 10: No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Michael Privacy

Before Windows 10 was even launched on July 29, there was quite an extensive waiting list to upgrade to the new operating system. A day later, Windows 10 has already been downloaded well over 14 million times. Windows 10 is available for free for licensed users of Windows 7 and 8. However, what you don’t pay monetarily my be made up for by paying with your privacy. Like any new software or product, users must deal with common bugs and glitches inherent in a new system. However, in today’s world we …

Project Loon balloon

Project Loon: A Crazy Idea to Connect the World

Michael The Internet

The world is slated to be a little connected after the country of Sri Lanka signed an agreement with Google aimed at providing internet coverage for the entire country. The project was initially started in 2013 by a sector of Google known as Google X. Since then, they have overcome many practical and engineering hurdles in order to bring blanket coverage WiFi  to some of the 4 billion people (about half of the world’s population) who have no access to internet. Project Loon               …

Don't worry about your privacy concerns... we'll just sweep those under the rug

Your Life Captured by Google Timeline

Michael The Internet

If the NSA and GCHQ can be considered big brother, then Google could be your little brother. You know, the stereotypical sibling that is always tagging along; except with a twist. This little brother, with you no matter where you go, also has a perfect, photographic memory, of the places you’ve been. For Those That Enjoy being Tracked: Google Time On July 21st Google unveiled its newest service: Google Time. This app is described by Google as a “…useful way to remember and view the places you’ve been on a …

hackers for better infosec

Information Security And The Hackers Bottom Line

Michael Security

It’s everyone’s worse fear. Having their identity stolen and taken over. We choose impossibly difficult passwords (especially to remember), change them consistently (hopefully), and  hope that the companies that we entrust with our personal information protect it to their utmost ability. But as we find out and , information security seems to not be a huge worry to companies. A month ago I explored the dark side of hacking. I talked about the US government’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM) which had 21 million federal workers’ information stolen by …


VPN Protocol Basics

Michael Security

As promised in my previous post, 5 Reasons to use a VPN, I introduce you to the common VPN protocols. Prior to that article I also wrote on the differences between VPNs and proxies. Knowing the different kinds of protocols can help you make sure you are getting the best internet privacy when you need it. To learn about why surfing privately is important to you, you can check out parts 1 and 2 of my series, What is Internet Privacy: Personal Data Brers, and Free Speech. VPN Protocol …

which way to kim dotcom's house?

Mega Saga: The Journey of Kim Dotcom

Michael The Internet

If you have been a part of the bittorrent or P2P scene in the last 5 years or so, chances are you have heard of or one of its nearly two dozen sister sites. If you haven’t heard of, for whatever reason, it’s a Hong Kong based company owned by a German resident of New Zealand that hosted on services that specialized in file storage and viewing. It was forcibly shut down in early 2012 by the FBI. The Beginning After an indictment on January 5th by a …

physical representation of a virtual bitcoin

The Bitcoin: For Better and (especially) For Worse

Michael Crypto Currency

As a netizen you have probably at least heard the term ‘bitcoin’. But what is it, and why do some experts believe that it could help save, or even prevent another, financial catastrophe like the one Greece is facing now? The Dawn of Cryptocurrency Although there were a few digital currencies before the advent of bitcoins, none of them had bren through the way bitcoin has. The idea for bitcoin was first published in an on paper in November 2008 by an unknown person using the pseudonym of Satashi Nakamoto. The idea …

tunnel of privacy

Top 5 Reasons to Use a VPN

Michael The Internet

So you’ve done some research on VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), hopefully you’ve read my article on Proxies vs. VPNs (if you haven’t I suggest you start there) and decided that a VPN is the way to go. It is the strongest tool to protect your internet privacy. Perhaps you are wondering ‘why use a VPN at all?’ what’s all the fuss is about: why do so many people take using a VPN seriously? Well, my friend, you are about to find out. I have compiled… The Most Popular Reasons to Use …

Internet Privacy, big data, free speech

What is Internet Privacy? Part 2: Free Speech

Michael Privacy

In this series I am diving into the core of what internet privacy is and why it’s important to everybody. Too often I hear people assume that those worried about internet privacy and anonymity are only concerned with such because they are being shady. But the notion of internet privacy goes far deeper than that. In the first part I dissected the value of internet privacy as it pertains to your sensitive personal information. Data brers, as they are called, have created a sprawling multi-billion dollar industry collecting, packaging, and …