The TPS Report Page 1 Coversheet: SIDtoday Newsletter

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  NSA’s an office too A new batch of documents from the Snowden archive has hit the internet. The Intercept is planning to ramp up the number of releases; the most recent are copies of  SIDtoday, an NSA newsletter circulated by Signal Intelligence Division. Publication of SIDtoday began soon after the invasion of Iraq. They read like lore from a video game; those books and notes in your Skyrim house or Fallout vault you just need to find time to get to. Behind the curtain After 9/11 George Bush told Americans (and the …

Virtual private networks can't stop dumb screenshots

Mike Webb, shut your tabs

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We all value our privacy here right? It’s in the name, virtual private network. Your internet history is a very detailed guide to your life. Unfortunately for Mike Webb, an independent candidate running for Congress in Virginia, that privacy has been eroded, and it was all his own doing. Webb was trying to post a snarky Facebook status about some politic-thing. Big woop. But what he forgot to do before giving it to his rival Matt Wavro- the Republican choice for the seat- was to close his porn down. Things …

Iranian VPN usage is sky high, because they're government is a figurative bag of d****

A User’s Guide to the Internet in Iran

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Of all the countries so far listed in our guides Iran has by far the most belligerent government; which doesn’t bode well for their internet freedoms. Iran’s History Violence and oppression have marred Iran’s history over the last quarter of the 20th century up until today. In 1979 the Iranian Revolution took place. Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was overthrown despite support from the United States by a mixture of secular and religious groups. On April 1, 1979, a national referendum made Iran an Islamic Republic, their new Supreme Leader was …

Bitcoin creator remains anonymous.

Bitcoin ‘Creator’ Disappears Without a Trace

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The identity of Satoshi remains a mystery. Craig Wright, the latest impersonator, claiming the Satoshi moniker was unable to come up with the proof earlier this week.  In case, you have been living under a rock for the last five years Bitcoin is the pre-eminent cryptocurrency and Satoshi Nakamoto is its pseudonymous inventor. Craig Wright is an Australian computer scientist and businessman who was declared Satoshi by major news outlets in December 2015  (Wired ad-block blocker warning) and Gizmodo. Australia’s Federal Police raided Wright’s house and office days after his claims …

Hong Kong VPN users are the 10th most hungry for data in the world

A User’s Guide to the Internet in Hong Kong

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Our User’s Guide is heading to Hong Kong. This is the other system that the Chinese government has let flourish on its southern coast. Hong Kong VPN users are amongst the most hungry for data in the world. Hong Kong, the Fragrant Habour Hong Kong is a tiny autonomous territory on the south coast of China. Around 7.2 million people live in 1,104 square kilometers making Hong Kong the 4th most densely populated country in the world. The place really is superlative; it’s one of the world’s major financial and …


30 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online

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Privacy! In the age of the predictive-retrospective-biopolitical-panopticon, how do you keep hold of those slivers of solitude? You read our big bumper list and take action, that’s how. LiquidVPN’s 30 Tips to Enhance your Privacy Online Think passphrase, not password. Obligatory XKCD and Ed explaining it for you. Treat your passphrase like your toothbrush. Keep it to yourself and change it every three months. Use a passphrase manager. Let’s keep this honesty thing going, how often do you re-use your terrible password? It’ll help keep each site compartmentalized, so if …

Ghana VPN get used to avoid government surveillance and analysis

A User’s Guide to the Internet in Ghana

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This feature is going to undergo a transformation. These profiles encompass history and current affairs as they relate to the internet and a free media. So from now on think ‘user guide’ not ‘spotlight.’ A, B, C, D, E, F, Ghana. Google Trends lets you see what the most popular searches are, a useful SEO tool (zzzzz) but in a way it’s a good social engineering tool too. Ghana is the second in regional interest for the search term ‘vpn’ behind Iran, a beautiful country and people who happen to …

LiquidVPN vaut mieux qu'un vpn gratuit

International Spotlight France: ne pas utiliser un vpn gratuit

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France is next in our International Spotlight series.  The country has one of the biggest economies and populations in the European Union. France has wide internet penetration. The country is facing threats from Islamic extremists and a growing reactionary far-right movement. State-based internet censorship and surveillance are on the rise. Plus the neoliberal data factories are just as at home in France as the US. France’s State of Emergency Following the deadly attacks in Paris Friday 13 November a state of emergency. These powers were to last for 12 days. …

Bernie, Hillary and Donald. Who's it gonna be?

Bernie stumbles in New York, where’s the independent primary?

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Bernie Sanders lost New York. I was up late enough to know when it was over, I woke up the next morning and thought- what if independents could vote? Turns out some other people had the same thought. A federal judge denied a request and delayed another (because of a typo) before the primary that could have opened the primary to New York’s 3.2 million independents. Breaking: Federal judge denies TRO request in lawsuit filed on Monday challenging NY’s closed primary. — Chris Geidner (@chrisgeidner) 19 April 2016 Ipsos …

Bulk datasets are common in business and now government, anonymous torrent

Bulk personal datasets for everybody!

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Privacy International, a London-based group, have obtained a substantial heap of previously confidential files as part of a legal case that challenges the scope of GCHQ’s operations and its troves of personal data. “The staggering extent to which the intelligence agencies hoover up our data. This can be anything from your private medical records, your correspondence with your doctor or lawyer, even what petitions you have signed, your financial data, and commercial activities.” – Millie Graham Wood, legal officer at Privacy International (The Intercept) An authorization of bulk personal dataset …