3 Easy Steps to Prevent Online Tracking

Michael Internet Privacy

Mmm…. Cookies As discussion continues about government surveillance programs another, lesser-known, spy has already infiltrated your computer. These little inconspicuous spies sound sweet enough, but their implementation and use is sometimes sour. I’m talking about cookies, of course. Many, perhaps even most, of the websites you visit use cookies. In some instances cookies are harmless, and actually quite useful. These benign cookies allow you to fill out forms faster, predict what you might search for, log into sites quicker, and remember what was in your shopping cart if you leave …

ISIS Bitcoin Tor

ISIS use Tor and Bitcoin to fund terrorism

Christopher Sewerd The Internet

New reports indicate that not only is the western world making use of the so-called “dark web” and cryptocurrencies but a new more sinister twist involves those who oppose western values and the democratic world, namely the terrorist group ISIS who may also be getting in on the act. Tor and Bitcoin have become commonplace words in the world recently and even those who don’t take an interest in the privacy or online movement are likely to have heard of both. The “dark web” or “deep web” accessible by using …

Spy Hacking

British spies free to hack citizens with immunity

Christopher Sewerd Internet Security

New legislation that has come in to force this May in the United Kingdom has paved the way for the intelligence agencies to have a free for all on hacking in to its own citizens systems and also against international targets. Hacking is a serious word, it conjures up images of an Eastern European or Russian twenty-somethings huddled over a computer emptying bank accounts of wealthy Europeans or Americans, either that or defacing websites with adolescent messages. However, hacking takes on a much more serious form when the government is …

National Spying Agency

Privacy and the Protect America Act

Michael Internet Privacy

A History Lesson in Privacy In 1974, Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United States. He is the only president to have done this. He did so because it was discovered that several years earlier, during his campaign to get re-elected, he used the powers of his executive office to conduct wiretapping on his Democratic opponents. The investigation revealed that the FBI, CIA, and even the NSA (please don’t be surprised), helped him do so. Four years after his resignation, Congress passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). This …

google vs eu round 2

Google’s Mounting Troubles in the European Union

Michael The Internet

Over the past decade Google has taken over the internet search market.  ‘Just Google it’ has become a common phrase for searching the internet for information. Its search engine, however, has been under constant scrutiny. Two years ago, Google was able to side step an antitrust lawsuit brought by the Federal Trade Commission in the U.S. The FTC ruled that although changes to the tech company’s search protocols were “problematic”, Google ultimately did not violate any U.S. antitrust laws and was able to escape generally unscathed. But, trouble is brewing …

New Policy Updates

Some Unfortunate Temporary Policy Updates

LiquidDave LiquidVPN News

In the two years we have been around LiquidVPN has done everything possible to uphold the anonymity of its users. Recently we began experiencing a major spike in the number of fraudulent sign ups paying with stolen Paypal accounts and the policy updates enabled here are a direct response to the increase in Paypal fraud. The fraudsters took advantage of the fact that we only required a first name and email address to sign up. Quickly this became a cat and mouse game. They would open up 10 accounts in a day, we would catch …

VPN Coverage Expands to Singapore

LiquidVPN Network Expands VPN Coverage Into Singapore

LiquidDave LiquidVPN News

The recent spike of new LiquidVPN users from Asia and Australia has prompted us to expand VPN coverage into Asia, Singapore to be exact. The servers in Singapore are hosted with Leaseweb the largest ISP in the region. Because of the lack of IPv4 address space in Asia we are only offering our shared IP VPN connections but the network is quite fast and can connect to Netflix, Hulu and other American streaming services that are normally blocked in Asia. Traditionally users in Singapore and in many countries in Asia block websites they …


New Changes To VPN Network Naming Policy is Live

LiquidDave LiquidVPN News

We have published a Liquid Viscosity software and VPN configuration update for both Windows and Mac on 5/3/2015. You can download the latest full install of Liquid Viscosity from your control panel  or wait for you client to notify you of the update. There are some changes to the way our VPN network names are displayed. We have fully switched from a location based naming convention “California 1 Dynamic UDP 1194″ “California 2 Dynamic UDP 1194″ to a more traditional enterprise naming convention “Brand Dynamic UDP 1194″ “Echo Dynamic UDP 1194.” There are a couple reasons …

secure Your Privacy

4 top browser add-ons to secure your privacy

Christopher Sewerd Internet Privacy

Providers such as LiquidVPN have made the general public ever more aware of how a VPN can secure their privacy and secure their personal browsing habits. However, although a VPN goes most of the way to protect your privacy it is not the full solution and there are some added layers of protection that can be introduced to make sure your personal details don’t slip through the net. In this article I’m going to look at some of the best additional tools to use to complement a VPN service and ensure …

comcast merger shot down

We Stopped The Comcast Merger VPN Sale

LiquidDave The Internet

There are few companies in America hated as much as Comcast and Time Warner. So when Comcast announced their plans to take over Time Warner citizens took action to stop these regional monopolies from expanding their stranglehold on internet access. Both of these companies have a long history of crushing out the competition in an area by the way of dirty politicians and peering shenanigans. Essentially making it impossible for competition to provide internet access to users in their regions. In many locations Comcast and Time Warners only competition is Time Warner or ...