LiquidVPN’s Hotspot VPN Shield

When you’re using your laptop computer, mobile phone or tablet to surf the web, you are actually exposing the gadget to certain risks. This is especially true if you are using a Wi-Fi hotspot or a public network. These risks include hackers possibly stealing your password, your financial information, your user names and other personal, sensitive information. When you’re using Wi-Fi, for example, the passwords get sent over the network in text form so it is very easy for the tech-savvy to intercept your information and use it to their advantage. The one form of protection that you can use is a VPN or Virtual Private Network, also known as a hotspot VPN shield.

Advantages of Buying a VPN for Android 4.x

Android is the most popular mobile platform in the world currently it is present in touchscreen phones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. There are even plans to put Android inside vehicles. There are 1.5 million people activating their Android software on a daily basis and if this is something that you have on your phone, you are already one step ahead of the non-Android users.

Choosing the Best VPN Service for you

The VPN protocol used is what determines the level of security and speed one gets from the network. This is why if you are loing to buy the best VPN service for you, then you will have to decide which protocol to go for. The best VPN service will be one that offers individuals a variety of protocols. Your choice for best VPN service should be one that includes the following protocols:

5 Benefits of an Anonymous VPN Service

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. The majority of internet users have no idea what an anonymous VPN service is or how it will benefit them. The truth is that not having an anonymous VPN service will eventually have a detrimental effect on your internet privacy and/or internet security sometime in the near future. What exactly is an anonymous VPN service? In simple terms, an anonymous VPN service is a discrete network or group of computers that have been linked together over the internet, which, in this case, acts as a private network that you can to. Currently, VPN services are very common among large businesses connecting to their remote data centers. An anonymous VPN service is geared towards individuals seeking anonymity and data security on the internet.

Buy VPN Service and Prevent Identity Theft

When you buy VPN service you receive many well-known benefits. Today I will discuss one of the most important reasons to buy VPN service. We all know that buying a VPN service allows you to browse anonymously, unblock restricted websites and sidestep ISP’s traffic shaping policies. Another very important benefit of VPN service is the secure transmission of data. The fear of having your identity completely stolen from you when using a guest network like TOR or a public Wi-Fi hotspot is very real. When your device connects to the hotspot it broadcasts your internet transmissions in open air. When you browse with TOR your data is sent through an exit node. Anyone can setup an exit node.

Surf Anonymously by Browsing with Privacy Mode

The introduction of personal VPN services could be said to have come in the nick of time. Internet privacy is becoming a rare commodity. The amount of data stored about the average user in the databases of and is mind boggling. Luckily with the addition of a personal VPN service and a few additional steps users are able to enjoy anonymity once again when using the internet. The fact that you can now surf anonymously has the added benefit of increasing the amount of security you have on the internet. Websites and hackers who have a vested interest in your browsing habits and personal information now have an uphill battle when trying to access the information of people who are surfing anonymously using VPN connection and privacy mode. You already know how to use a VPN (we assume) here is how you can surf anonymously on various web browsers.

LiquidVPN is Giving Away VPN Connections

LiquidVPN will be giving away lots of VPN subscriptions for our grand opening. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post using your real e address and like us on to help spread the word. Entries must be in by 11:59 PM EST June 7th 2013. LiquidVPN is an award winning VPN service. We have gigabit nodes in 5 countries, our custom VPN client is built using the Viscosity VPN framework. Winners will be announced June 8th 2013 at 6:00 PM eastern standard time.

Turn Wifi Hotspots into Secured Wifi Hotspot

A secured Wifi hotspot is sort of a misnomer as anyone who has had their identity compromised because of a visit to Starbucks will tell you. Basically, a Wifi hotspot is an open “” to the Internet that anyone in the surrounding area may tap into to access the Internet. While secured Wifi hotspots can be encrypted (requires a password to join the network) giving you some additional security, hackers can attach to your “coies” (files that save your data) and record the data you enter such as a credit card number or your bank account information. There is no such thing as a secured Wifi hotspot without the use of a VPN service. As an added bonuswhen using a VPN service is an important first step in protecting your privacy. Simply using a VPN service does not guarantee you are Surfing the web anonymously. You must use your browser’s anonymous web browsing mode in conjunction with the VPN service.