Bulk personal datasets for everybody!

Privacy International, a London-based group, have obtained a substantial heap of previously confidential files as part of a legal case that challenges the scope of GCHQ’s operations and its troves of personal data.

“The staggering extent to which the intelligence agencies hoover up our data. This can be anything from your private medical records, your correspondence with your doctor or lawyer, even what petitions you have signed, your financial data, and commercial activities.”

– Millie Graham Wood, legal officer at Privacy International (The Intercept)

An authorization of bulk personal dataset form lists categories that are deemed “particularly intrusive”. Religion, political and trade union membership, ethnicity, medical, journalistic information and spiritual counseling are included.

Deep State Sell-Off

The powers in question are on one hand deep state, the BRUSA Agreement and other alliances date back decades.  Embedding the intelligence agencies powers firmly within the state apparatus. What has occurred in the meantime is an expansion of private capital. Private companies are being encouraged to perform the services of the deep state. The NSA has become a centralized software and hardware subsidizer, not for real medical work or something creative, but for warfare. They’re an essential node in the cyber-military industrial complex.

The scale is what lies behind this growth. The bigger the paycheck, the better goes the philosophy of neoliberalism, in pure forms, it means shrinking the state. The current crop of neoliberal governments in the UK and the US are selling off the country’s stuff to make the weight. As they decline a new power rises- the data behemoth. The data behemoth has the ability to generate income from a tiny device that fits in your pocket. It answers only to a board and shareholders, good luck with finding a responsible corporation.

We’ll be diving into the Privacy International documents asap, Privacy International have yet to release their analysis.

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