Flexible Business VPN Service by LiquidVPN

Our business VPN service can provide you with 10 to 110+ simultaneous connections to our encrypted VPN network.

Affordable Business VPN

Simultaneous connections can be purchased for $1.75 per connection.
VPN for Tablet

Our business VPN is completely customizable and competitively priced. Your new company VPN will only cost $1.75 per user per month. Your users will receive full access to our global zero log VPN network, dedicated support staff and our private logless DNS network.

Enterprise VPN Security

Our commitment to your business VPN security borders on the fanatical.

LiquidVPN’s new business class VPN service has been built with the same security and encryption principles set forth by enterprise networks around the globe. Our commitment to peer reviewed network security has quickly become legendary in the VPN industry.
VPN Security

Real World Performance

Telecommute and teleconference seamlessly over our encrypted network.
Privacy for your devices

Your employees productivity is directly affected by the network performance of the business VPN you choose. LiquidVPN consistently ranks as one of the fastest VPN services online because of our commitment to adding new servers before they are needed.
VPN Performance

Dedicated Account Rep

Dedicated account representatives are available to businesses.
Technical Support

Business VPN users are designated a dedicated account representative they are able to contact for answers to anything related to their service. Business class customers receive priority technical support. Requests are answered within 4 hours 7 days a week 256 days a year.
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LiquidVPN's Business VPN

A business VPN at LiquidVPN will provide your company freedom online anywhere in the world. LiquidVPN’s business class VPN offers your company a turnkey solution to its information security and privacy requirements. freeing up more resources to be used in solving the daily challenges faced by your company.
  • Security For Employees on the Road  – Safeguard your employees from eavesdroppers by encrypting their Internet connections from guest networks, wireless networks and Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Protect Employees IP and Identity – Research the competition or plan and execute investigations without revealing your companies true identity.
  • Easy Quality Assurance Testing – Businesses that choose to use LiquidVPN’s business class VPN for Quality Assurance benefit from having servers and networks around the world to use for in depth testing.

How Our Business VPN Works

Businesses that choose LiquidVPN as their VPN provider are usually given 1 account that can be used as many times as your open sessions allow. We can also provide multiple sets of login credentials to business subscribers that need them. Our administration portal allows you to create sub users and delegate rights on your account however you see fit.
  • Telecommuters and Remote Workers – Employees that frequently telecommute or work abroad will finally have access to the resources that might not be available in their home region.
  • Unrestricted Research and Communications – Conduct research, send and receive communications or analyze the competition online without being blocked, censored, tracked or logged.
  • Conduct Business in China – Chinese companies use LiquidVPN to access business and enterprise tools normally not available because they have been banned or restricted.