Buy VPN Service and Prevent Identity Theft

When you buy VPN service you receive many well-known benefits. Today I will discuss one of the most important reasons to buy VPN service. We all know that buying a VPN service allows you to browse anonymously, unblock restricted websites and sidestep ISP’s traffic shaping policies. Another very important benefit of VPN service is the fact that it can be used to prevent identity theft. The fear of having your identity completely stolen from you when using a guest network like TOR or a public Wi-Fi hotspot is very real. When your device connects to the hotspot it broadcasts your internet transmissions in open air. When you browse with TOR your data is sent through an exit node. Anyone can setup an exit node. A criminal using firesheep or a similar application can pull session data being sent through the exit node or to the Wi-Fi hotspot with a couple clicks. You wouldn’t know your identity was stolen until mysterious charges began to appear on your credit card bills.

The reason this happens is because you are browsing from a guest network that is not secure. Coffee shops, hotels, airports and McDonalds all offer Wi-Fi hotspots but none of them are secure Wi-Fi. The same can be said about services like TOR. It’s very disappointing that in this day and age internet crime like identity theft has become the fastest growing type of crime there is. Sadly, with the exponential sales growth of smartphones and tablets we are seeing this is an offence that shows no sign of slowing down. The reason identity theft is fast becoming the top internet crime is because users are given these wonderful devices and are told they can go to Starbucks or Tim Horton’s and use their Wi-Fi hotspot to surf the internet but are not told they should buy VPN service to encrypt their communications and keep their data safe. You cannot blame the end user. When you walk into Starbucks and sign on to their public Wi-Fi hotspot you expect it to be secure because it’s Starbucks and you trust Starbucks they are everywhere. The data being transmitted to and from these public Wi-Fi hotspots are not encrypted. This means that anyone can access it and monitor the activities of all of the users on that hotspot except of course informed users that buy VPN service from a VPN service provider.

The huge amount of traffic being generated by all of these new smartphones and tablets make sniffing public Wi-Fi hotspots much more appealing to criminals. This is because there is a high probability that many of the people currently enjoying the free internet services have not bought VPN service and are easy targets. With the use of a high gain antenna the criminals do not even need to be in the same building as you to intercept your signal and hijack your browser. Once your browser is hijacked the hacker is then able to browse the website as if they were you. Chances are they will get away with many different users credentials quite easily because it is hard to identify and capture people involved in cybercrime. They usually do not get caught until they start trying to use the credit card information they stole. The smarter criminals login to carder forums and sell their ill-gotten gains in bulk.

Prevent identity theft and encrypt your data

The solution is very simple only use encrypted Wi-Fi hotspots. The problem is most hotspots offered to the public are not encrypted because it is too expensive to pay for technicians to install and maintain an encrypted hotspot. You can buy VPN service on your own and connect to it whenever you sign on to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Essentially this turns the Wi-Fi hotspot into an encrypted Wi-Fi hotspot. A VPN service creates an encrypted VPN tunnel from your device to the VPN server. This has the added benefit of concealing the true nature of your data to criminals, ISP’s, hackers and network administrators on any type of network you are connected to. This makes it impossible for even the best hackers to hijack your browser or session data. If you happen to be providing public Wi-Fi at your business you may want to buy VPN service with multiple concurrent sessions and hand them out to your customers so that they can all enjoy secure Wi-Fi.