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LiquidVPN Plans

Never Run Out Of Data

Buy VPN service that will never run out of monthly bandwidth.
Unlimited Uploads and Downloads

When you buy VPN service from LiquidVPN you will never have to worry about monthly data caps again. We will never limit the amount of data you are allowed to use in a month.

The Most VPN Topologies

LiquidVPN provides 4 different VPN topologies to use.
Unlimited server switching

LiquidVPN is the only VPN provider in the world that supports shared, public and modulating IP addresses. Buy VPN service at LiquidVPN and switch between them as much as you want.

No Protocol Restrictions

Switch between L2TP/IPSEC, SSTP and OpenVPN
Increased VPN Privacy

We recommend using OpenVPN and L2TP wherever possible. SSTP is great for busting holes in firewalls. We recommend using it when your in places like China, Iran or Saudi Arabia.

The LiquidVPN Client

Users love the LiquidVPN cross platform VPN client.
Simple VPN Software

The new LiquidVPN clients started turning heads the moment it went live. The LiquidVPN client supports Windows and Mac. With Android and iOS versions coming soon.

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Buy VPN Service With These Options

Buy VPN Service with these forms of payment

  • Our Plans

  • Annual RateSIgn up for an annual plan and save. up to 52%Annual Rate
  • Max Devices OnlineHow many devices can be connected at any given timeMax Devices Online
  • SideKick

  • $7

    per month

  • Annual RateSave 32% when purchasing an annual subscription.$57.00
  • Max Devices OnlineTwo
  • Road Warrior

  • $10

    per month

  • Annual RateSave 42% when purchasing an annual subscription.$69.00
  • Max Devices OnlineFour
  • Ultimate

  • $18

    per month

  • Annual RateSave 52% when purchasing an annual subscription.$106.00
  • Max Devices OnlineEight

Get These Great Features When You Buy VPN Service at LiquidVPN

The LiquidVPN Network

Once you buy VPN service from LiquidVPN our network becomes your network. Use it as much as you like. Here are some highlights

  • Unlimited Server Switching: Switch between 12 different locations in 7 different countries.
  • Unlimited Port Switching:  We have over 10 different OpenVPN ports to choose from.
  • 1 Gbps & 10 Gbps Servers: All of our VPN servers run on dedicated servers with 1 or 10 Gbps network connections.
  • Zero Logs: We do not log activities on our VPN servers
  • P2P Everywhere: We do not limit Bittorrent or P2P

OpenVPN Highlights

LiquidVPN Supports the following OpenVPN options throughout its network. Please note that our main Cipher is AES-256-CBC, the other has limited availability.

  • Cipher: AES-256-CBC, Camellia 256 (limited availability)
  • HMAC digest: SHA512 (SHA2)
  • Key Size: 4096 RSA
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy: Every 30 minutes keys are renegotiated between you and the server.

Exclusive Technology

LiquidVPN has advanced consumer VPN technology with these exclusive features developed by our engineers.

  • IP Modulation: Rapidly and seamlessly switch IP addresses.
  • Liquid Lock: Create optimum rules on your OS’s firewall to protect from any type of leak or network outage with the touch of a button. Available on our desktop clients only.
  • LiquidIPS:  Protection from network related threats.
  • Smart Streaming: Stream USA and UK based content from any of our VPN servers.