Advantages of Buying a VPN for Android 4.x

Android is the most popular mobile platform in the world currently it is present in touchscreen phones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. There are even plans to put Android inside vehicles. There are 1.5 million people activating their Android software on a daily basis and if this is something that you have on your phone, you are already one step ahead of the non-Android users.


The Risks Associated with Android Apps


Let’s say that you have the Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.x version of the mobile operating system on your phone. Through it, you can search the web; use social networking sites, read e-books, download music or even work on office presentations. While using these or any of the other apps installed on your phone, the one thing that you should not ignore is the risks associated with unsecured apps, especially if you are using a virtually unsecure Wi-Fi network.

So what are the risks associated with using Android apps on unsecured networks?

Here’s a quick list:
  • Your settings could be unlocked or modified.
  • Your personal information (passwords, user name, credit card number, Social Security number, e-mail address, etc.) can be stolen and sold.
  • Your account can be used to send unauthorized text messages, or place expensive calls.
  • Malware and viruses can infect your phone.
  • Hackers might disable your phone’s security features.


What’s the best way to counteract these risks?

The solution is quite simple. By installing a VPN for Android 4.x, you can give yourself utmost protection and security while using your gadget in public places.

What is a VPN for Android 4.x?

Basically, a VPN is a Virtual Private Network which allows users to create a secure network connection over a public network. Let’s say that you are trying to access your work e-mail account via the Wi-Fi network available at a coffee shop. You can remotely connect to the private network even if you are using the coffee shop’s Wi-Fi connection if you have VPN. Your attempt to connect to the network will be authenticated once you put in your username and password. Your device will be part of your work network. Its like you are sitting inside your office at your desk browsing the network.

What Do I Get Out of Installing VPN for Android 4.x on My Phone?

Now, with a VPN for Android 4.x, the biggest advantage is that your online activity will be protected and secured even if you are using a public network or cellular network for connectivity. There are some basic features that you should look for when choosing a VPN for Android 4.x.

Choosing one is all a matter of deciding which offers the best set of features, and here’s what you should be looking for:

  • Anonymous browsing.

When you’re using a public network, you would not want hackers to be aware of your online activity so it pays to choose VPN for Android 4.x which promotes anonymous browsing through a 0 logging policy in their terms of service or legal section. The best VPN for Android 4.x provides you, the user, with a number of IPs and locations to choose from so that you can indulge in anonymous browsing.

  • Accessibility.

The VPN for Android 4.x that you should choose should also allow you to bypass Internet filters and unblock restricted websites.

  • Security and privacy.

Your VPN for Android 4.x should also offer the utmost security and privacy. Beware of VPN providers which claim that they do not keep records of online user activity – but actually do. Make sure you check their legal policy regarding logging. If they do any logging Except for your log-in and logout time, bandwidth use and the length of time that you were connected to the network they should not be considered an anonymous VPN service. With the recent events coming to light about PRISM it is very important that no other information is monitored by the VPN provider.

All in all, using a VPN for Android 4.x is the best way for you to enjoy maximum security and protection while browsing from a public network – Make sure that your phone has one installed right now!