Is it Illegal to use a VPN Service?

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*Feb 3, 2017: Because of new anti-VPN laws passed recently this article has been updated* Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are excellent tools to uphold the principles of privacy and anonymity. But is it legal to use them? Further Reading Here’s why the United Arab Emirates outlawed VPNs How IP Modulation Improves Your VPN Experience As we recently saw last month, the United Arab Emirates made it illegal to use a VPN. Their reason? They don’t want you using any system that is capable of hiding the fact that you are committing a …

Unblock Blocked Websites at School

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Content filtering on the internet has become more and more common. As a matter of fact, some governments such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China and Iran have put into place Internet-censorship laws that have extended the censorship to almost each and every locally-available site. This is also quite popular in a number of institutions especially schools and offices. Each institution has its reason for blocking websites. In most cases, they do not want their students or employees to waste time on ‘useless’ sites. The most commonly-blocked sites include social sites, Yahoo!, YouTube, MySpace, Orkut, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter and the like.

Top 10 Adblockers for Apple iOS devices

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*Feb 9, 2017: Because of new information this article has been updated* Today Apple held its annual Worldwide Developer Conference. Many great features were announced on all four platforms that Apple now focuses on; watchOS, tvOS, iOS and MacOS (formerly Mac OS X). Apple continues to focus on the privacy of its users, and the forthcoming iOS 10 update shows that more than ever. An important but controversial part of privacy and security is using adblockers. The use of this technology is a big issue and leaves many people divided. …

VPN On Chromebook: How To Set It Up

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Did you know it’s possible to use a VPN on Chromebook? Virtual private networks aren’t just for Windows and Macs, and we’ll show you how to set one up. Further Reading Beat Netflix Proxy Errors with Our Netflix VPN Top 10 Adblockers for Apple iOS devices Using a VPN on Chromebook Google Chromebooks have built-in support for these VPN technologies: L2TP over IPsec with PSK L2TP over IPsec with certificate-based authentication OpenVPN Sign into your Chromebook and click the status area, which is where your account picture is. Click Settings. …

LiquidVPN’s Privacy Toolkit: Surf, Call, Chat, IM and Pay Privately

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Are you concerned about your privacy? Check out this toolkit of apps and services. They can help you take back control. Stay private and read on. Further Reading Tordow 2.0 Is Android Malware That Targets Your Bank Account 8 Common VPN Myths And Why They Aren’t True Online privacy is increasingly rare these days. And as the United States heads into a future under President-elect Trump, you should start worrying. If you’re serious about staying private—either offline or online—there are ways to go about it. 1: Use a burner phone …

Egypt Authorities Block Signal; Use a VPN Instead

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The creators of Signal, a popular encrypted messaging app, say that Egypt is blocking access to the app. Will using a VPN help you download this wonderful app? Further Reading Judge Wants ISPs To Block Torrenting Websites Canada Is Trying to Demonize Encryption Signal Open Whisper Systems, creators of Signal, posted a statement on Twitter, saying that it would start “deploying censorship circumvention” in the coming weeks. Signal is an app that uses end-to-end encryption to secure users’ chats. In the wake of the recent presidential election in the United …

Tordow 2.0 Is Android Malware That Targets Your Bank Account

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A new piece of Android malware, dubbed Tordow 2.0 targets peoples’ bank accounts. The platform that it appears on? Android. Here’s how to protect yourself. Further Reading Android Phones Found To Have BackDoor To China New Android Malware Called Dirty Cow Can Root Phones Tordow 2.0 First discovered in September 2016, security firm Comodo reports that the malware got a big update this month, making it scarier than ever. Tordow is a mobile banking Trojan that specifically targets Android devices. Comodo first found the malware affecting people in Russia. The …

The NSA’s Guide To Securing Your Mac

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The National Security Agency employs some of the best hackers in the United States. Surely they are experts at securing devices? Here’s how to lock down your Mac like an NSA pro. Further Reading NSA Contractor Faces Espionage Charges For Data Theft 5 Best Security Tools to Secure Your Data Mac Lockdown In 2010, the NSA published a guide for hardening a Mac running Snow Leopard. However, the agency hasn’t updated its guide for current versions of MacOS. Macworld posted an excellent guide that should cover modern versions of Apple’s OS. …

Top 10 Adblockers For The Desktop

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Adblocking is a controversial business, and neither advertising nor adblocking is going away anytime soon. We’ve written before about good adblockers for iOS. In this article, we’ll show you the best adblockers for computers. Further Reading Top 10 Adblockers for Apple iOS devices Google Removes Ban On Personalized Web Tracking (Listed in no particular order) 10: Comodo AdBlocker Probably most famous for its firewall, Comodo also has an ad blocker for Google Chrome, Android, and iOS. Comodo adblocker is based on open source code. It blocks not only ads but …

Former NSA Hacker Releases Tools To Thwart Webcam Spies

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Lately, people like Mark Zuckerberg and even the director of the FBI have been advising people to put tape over their webcam. Those of you without tape can use a tool that lets you do it with software. Like this one Further Reading Hardcore Spying for Profit: The SilverPush Framework What’s a Little Spying Between Friends? Webcam Spying Remotely hacking peoples’ computers has a long history. A favorite past time for male hackers is to hack into the computers of women to spy on them. In an article by Ars …