Clinton Calls on Bernie to Drop Out; Emails Remain a Issue

As it stands, the Democratic nomination is heading towards Hillary Clinton. She leads Bernie Sanders 1606-851 in the delegate count. 467 of Hillary’s delegates are superdelegates, being British I’m all too familiar with large amounts of unelected people in the democratic process. This lead has resulted in calls for Bernie Sanders to drop out so that ‘unity’ can take hold.

Hillary Clinton faces questions over emails as she questions Sanders place in the race

Being polite to Silvio Berlusconi, that’s diplomacy in action.

Political posturing, big surprise, but looking at the move in a wider context Hillary has reason to be concerned about her campaign. There is an FBI investigation into how Clinton’s private email server took liberties with classified material and the relationship between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State.

The investigators are reportedly trying to ignore the looming election, there have been assurances that it will not affect the outcome. An indictment of the Democratic front-runner would make this crazy election one for the record books.

If you want to look into what Hillary has been up to the State Department has 52,000 pages of emails that the public can search. The State Department has a clunky virtual reading room. Wikileaks have a much nicer version, as does the Wall Street Journal.

The juicy stuff has been largely redacted. For instance, a chain of seven emails totaling 37 pages talking about Special Access Programs (maybe to do with spies in Embassies?).  Although the funny stuff remains; traveling with Joe Biden sounds like a cheerful Larry David.

It’s unlike any diplomacy I have seen. Any possible topic or reference or poet or Irish lyric or historical reference or 60s pop culture data point can appear with little or no warning. Entertaining but unpredictable. (Politico)

As the campaign trail winds westward Clinton is going to face some stiff opposition in states like Oregon, Washington and California. Bernie won’t be dropping out just yet.

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