Disconnect.me, the All in One Key to Privacy Online

disconnectmeDisconnect.me, the Free Key to Privacy Online

What you do online is no ones business. At least that’s what LiquidVPN and Disconnect.me believe. Disconnect.me is a powerful tool to stop online tracking. Starting in February 2011, Disconnect already has hundreds of thousands of users in the last few years alone. Disconnect is a small add-on that attaches to your browser, and will block the trackers, also known as the invisible web. In short, the invisible web is the layer under the internet where sites hide programs to track users. The list of things the invisible web can do goes on and on. Its called the “invisible web” for a reason.

What does Disconnect.me do?

Disconnect is a great piece of software to disconnect you, the online user, from the underlying trackers on the web. Trackers can simply be cookies telling the website owner how you got to the site, to vigorously creating online profiles about your visits, views, clicks, and every piece of info submitted into the website. Popular trackers are installed on multiple sites that you may visit everyday. This will initially create a tracking profile as, Tracker A, can see you visit websites A, B, and C, and what you do on those websites. It eventually turns into trackers harvesting your data, and then eventually selling it online. This is also known as data mining. Data mining is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. You have no control and automatically opt into these programs the second you open up your web browser. Disconnects job is to take all of these trackers, advertising networks, and data-miners, and mute them. Blocking trackers can increase the pleasure of your web browsing experience.

1. Disconnects Block All Trackers – Disconnects main job is to block all trackers compromising your privacy online. The interface is built right into your favorite browser and is very friendly. Personally using the past interface, there were some bugs, and it was quite brutal at times. Now the Disconnect interface works very smoothly, and executes commands as it should. The interface blocks all third party networks, along with blocking the three main tracking companies, Google, Facebook, and Twitter.The disconnect tab has three special icons specifically just to show how many Google, Facebook, and Twitter trackers its blocking in real time. Along with blocking advertisers, analytic software, and social sites, they also block requests. Some requests online can be malicious or unknown to the user. Blocking requests does something similar to NoScript, but Disconnect does it in a smoother fashion. The request blocker is easy to enable and is easy to disable in case it breaks any page. Request blocking is great on top of tracker blocking. Disconnect has been able to stay one step ahead of trackers, and the competition.

2. Disconnect Search, Private Search – Disconnect’s other online privacy tool is a private built in search feature. Private Search allows users to search Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more with online privacy in mind. Disconnect routes you through their special proxy, and returns un-bubbled searches for you. The disconnect search is great, and can be a vital tool to help combat the mega corporate search engines from harvesting your data 24/7. They take search data, websites visited, ads viewed, along with many other pieces of data and trace you together creating a bigger online profile on you, than you know about yourself. Private searches are great, and again its totally %100 free. Disconnect adds the proxy with one simple click, and can be kept on by default, or turned off by default. Disconnect search is a great feature if you are using search engines that don’t value online privacy.

3.Disconnect Kids, Mobile, and other Features – Disconnect offers some other great features packed into the small client. Not only does disconnect protect your online privacy at home. With Disconnect Kids it protects you on the go while learning about online privacy, and block trackers on your mobile devices. Install the app, follow the instructions, and it will begin to protect you while you are on the go. Disconnect Kids, with its unique and entertaining educational tools are a great way to get the whole family involved with protecting their privacy online. Disconnect also offers some other fun features inside the desktop client. You can see how much faster the page loads now that the trackers are begin blocked, how much bandwidth was saved, and how many resources were encrypted over HTTPS. The features go to show just how clogged up webpages are becoming without your knowledge.

Top top it all off, Disconnect.me is open source!


Overall Disconnect.me packs a punch in such a small plugin. I have personally used many tracker blocking plugins and disconnect continues to stay one step ahead. Along with packing multiple plugins into one small interface, Disconnect is offering free privacy tools that could appear to be paid. Features including, secured searches, tracker blocking, and other small features that show just how bloated the web really is While disconnect blocks trackers and help secure online connections where possible, it does not make the web completely private. To further enhance your online privacy, a VPN should be used alongside Disconnect. Disconnect is a must have for anyone who wishes to increase their privacy online.

Check out the official Disconnect.me site and install it on your web browser!