Automatically Download Movies with CouchPotato

Have you ever wanted to watch the latest movies out in the theater, but did not want to travel to said theater to watch them? Sure there are torrents that you can download from some services, but if the movie is brand new and not yet released to DVD, usually the only torrents available are low-quality cam videos. However, there is a service called CouchPotato that automatically downloads the latest movies in the best quality as soon as they are available.


Available for macOS and Windows, CouchPotato is an excellent service to use. You can use it on a personal laptop or desktop, or even install it on a NAS server if you are a power user. If you have the knowledge, the source code is available for users to install in Ubuntu/Debian and FreeBSD.

Once you install the software and browser extension (FireFox, Chrome, Safari), you can customize the settings to your liking to download the movies that you want. You first select which torrent software you use. Oddly, BitTorrent’s client isn’t available, but uTorrent does make the list.

couchpotato01Next, if you’re registered to any torrent site, you can pick and choose from the list that CouchPotato provides, and you can input your login information in settings. The list includes sites like PassThePopcorn, ThePirateBay, IPTorrents, TorrentLeech, AlphaRatio, etc. If you use a Usenet provider, you can select the Host, API Key and Extra Score from the next list.

couchpotato03Finally, you can have CouchPotato automatically move and organize your downloaded movies for you, into whatever directory you want. The app can even rename media for you.

By using the bookmarklet for FireFox, Chrome, and Safari, you can add movies from many websites like IMDB, RottenTomatoes and Apple Trailers, all with one click.

couchpotato screenshot

If you want to help the project out head over to the website and donate