Emergency Network Upgrade, Job Openings and Sales

Some of you may have noticed for the last few days our site had slowed down to a crawl. Our web server could not keep up with the current rate of development. We will be moving the site over to Amazon EC2 eventually. We had hoped to stay on our current server until the move but it was not meant to be. The move will not happen until the new site is completed. I had hoped the new site would be online in a few weeks but I could not pass up the opportunity to re-design the front end. I had never been happy with the site and decided now is the time to get it up exactly how I want it so its easier to find things.

We are looking for an EXPERIENCED graphic artist, mobile and desktop UI developer, animation (after effects) artist, Android developer and C++ developer with OpenVPN experience. If your reading this and feel like you fit in one of these categories open a ticket with a CV or in the case of the graphics artists a CV and few work examples. We will get back to you quickly

Germany is back online 100% now. They cut the user that was responsible for the traffic. Kansas City’s network got an upgrade today. We added a 2nd gigabit port there. Test it out and see how it works.


On a side note it is truly amazing how much 2 extra seconds of load time will do to your bounce rate and traffic in general. We have some AMAZING sales coming up for Black Friday. So stay tuned.


Dave Cox

CEO of LiquidVPN