LiquidVPN is Engineered for VPN Performance and Security

Handcrafted to be the pinnacle of VPN performance, security and anonymity.
VPN with unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth

Never worry about how much free bandwidth you have and enjoy your internet again.
Unlimited server switching

Unlimited Server Switching

Switch VPN server locations and protocols as often as you want without restrictions or limits.
Unlimited VPN Speed

VPN Performance

Our network is designed for extreme VPN performance. If you don’t find it to your liking we will refund your payment.
Unlimited VPN Service

Truely Unlimited VPN Service

Yes. We Really Mean Unlimited

LiquidVPN is one of the few VPN service providers that will never impose limits on how much you use our VPN service. Connect to any LiquidVPN server using any of the supported VPN network topologies we offer. Freely switch between all of our VPN server locations and OpenVPN ports. LiquidVPN is the best P2P VPN service on the internet today.

SSD Drives

The Best Servers

Every VPN server at LiquidVPN must meet our lofty hardware requirements or its phased out. When you connect to LiquidVPN you benefit from the latest server performance and encryption enhancing technology. Our VPN servers support Intel’s AES-NI speeding up data transfer rates for high speed users hitting a CPU bottleneck  AES-256-CBC encryption and Secure Key.
Our VPN Software

Award Winning Software

By combining the best open source and premium software on earth our software stack provides LiquidVPN users hands down the best throughput and performance they would be able to achieve from their network. LiquidVPN uses custom compiled Gentoo Linux kernels, Suricata IPS, OSSEC, OpenVPN, Nagios and Mikrotik for our core network and security technologies.
Our VPN Network

Blazing Fast Network

We lease our VPN server infrastructure at premier data centers all over the world. Leasing hardware instead of co-locating it gives us the ability to trade in older hardware or to quickly pull out of deteriorating networks when required. Our staff is always hard at work testing, fine tuning and auditing our server infrastructure to optimize VPN performance and security.
Engineered for VPN Performance
Around the Clock VPN Performance Tuning

LiquidVPN has been engineered to meet strict security and VPN performance standards. Our VPN network has been optimized for today’s broadband and fiber users. We lease dedicated hardware at tier 3 data centers with at least 1 gigabit uplinks. We regularly phase out and upgrade hardware during our network maintenance times.  Our VPN network is constantly checked and rechecked to assure the highest level of service is maintained and the rare congestion issues are completely analyzed for solutions.

A VPN network thats built for performance.

Our network has been engineered from the ground up for VPN performance. Our engineers have years of experience building out server infrastructure for mission critical processes. We are a young company with a small dedicated staff that is dedicated to being the best VPN in the world. Our goal to revolutionize online privacy and security starts with the network we operate. Our global VPN network currently provides great coverage to North America, South America and Europe.

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