Get started with LiquidVPN

Signing up to the best US VPN provider LiquidVPN can be a daunting prospect and with so much technological terminology the process can appear to be more complicated that in reality it is. The process is actually extremely simple and after signing up and getting up and running you will be surprised just how easy the process was.

Signing Up

1. Visit the main LiquidVPN website.

2. On the front page within view is a large “Sign Up Now” button, proceed to click this.

You now have three VPN packages available to choose from which are tailored for various needs and depending on your typical usage will dictate which will be most suitable for you, don’t worry if after reading you’re still confused as you can upgrade or downgrade your chosen package before the next billing cycle if you find it wasn’t the correct package for you.

All packages include the most critical features and aside from amount of connections they only differ ever so slightly, every package as standard includes :-

  • Unlimited Monthly Data.

Allowing you to upload and download as much data as you require, there are no limits on the amount of movies you can watch, websites you can visit, music you can stream etc. If you have transfer limits on your internet package from your ISP this will not bypass those but in such cases you can transfer up to your data limit via the VPN service without incurring any extra charges from LiquidVPN. The way in which VPN compression works you may even squeeze out more data transfer if you are subject to ISP data limits.

  • PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN connections protocols.

Access to the three major VPN connection protocols is supplied allowing you to connect in a variety of ways. While OpenVPN is the most popular and considered the most secure the other two available VPN protocols are available to use if required and allow the VPN service to be used on a wider range of systems on top of the standard desktop and laptop options such as tablets, phones and media boxes etc. A particular protocol may be required for such devices.

  • Access to Shared, Dynamic and Modulating IP addresses.

A range of IP types are available for all eventualities.

Shared IP addresses are when a single IP address is assigned to more than one user connected to the same server. This allows a secure spaghetti like trail to be created with many users accessing many different services from the same connection point.

Dynamic IP addresses are where you are assigned a different IP address each time you make connection although you will be the only user at that time making access from that specific IP address, disconnect and reconnect and you’ll be assigned another IP address.

Modulating IP addresses are a unique VPN feature offered by LiquidVPN which alters your IP address for each action. For example if you visit a website, these are made up of text, images, scripts and more, each individual aspect of that site will be requested by a different IP address on rotation, truly distorting who requested what.

  • At least 1 Viscosity license for both PC & Mac systems.

Viscosity is the industry leading commercial custom VPN software for both PC & Mac systems provided free of charge by LiquidVPN. Viscosity makes connection extremely simple and after installation making connection to the VPN server of your choice via the protocol of your choice is without issue and even a beginner user will feel at ease with its simplicity.

Additional features on top of the above standard features are available depending on the package that you select and include :-

  • Sidekick package

Two active sessions allowed which enables you to connect two devices concurrently to the service. This can be any combination from two desktop computers, to one desktop and one mobile phone or one tablet and one laptop. The combination of devices is entirely based on your personal needs.

  • Road Warrior package

Four active sessions allowed similar to above but with double the amount of devices available, this allows any four combinations of devices and makes an ideal choice for those who travel and wish to have security and privacy at home while at the same time taking a range of phone and tablet devices on the move.

  • Family Plan package

Eight active sessions allowed which is an almighty number of concurrent connections and enables the whole family to stay secure, encrypted and privacy concious.

One extra Viscosity licence for each platform. On top of the standard licences available on all packages the Family Plan enables the custom software to be installed on an extra PC and extra Mac devices making a total of four licences.

3. Once you’ve decided which will be the most suitable package for your needs simply click the “Order Now »” button associated with the package you require to be taken to the Configuration page of Checkout.

  • Choose Billing Cycle

Packages are available in 1 month, 6 month and 12 month options. The prices shown are per month and illustrate the per month saving that can be achieved by signing up to a longer package length. As you change between the length periods the total cost will update on the right hand side under Order Summary.

  • Configurable Options

LiquidIPS or Intrusion Prevention System is charged at an additional US$3.00 per month and is a system enabled to protect your connection from unwanted incoming connections. This can include trojans, viruses, malware, worms and a whole host of other threats. The system is designed to add an extra layer of protection and security on top of your own software based firewall and antivirus protection.

  • Additional Required Information

A critical area of the sign up process is selecting a username and password, this can be changed easily once the sign up process is completed but if you intend to keep your selected choices then it is advisable to use password best practise and choose a password of at least 8 characters in length made up of a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

  • OpenVPN Software

If you require the Viscosity software select Yes, if you do not require it then select No.

4. After selecting your choice of username and password confirm that the price of the package you wish to buy is correct and press the “Checkout” button on the top right hand side of the screen.

5. You will now arrive at the Review & Checkout screen. Here you should enter your correct details. The username and password required is to login to your account area of the LiquidVPN website and should not be the same as or confused with your VPN login details.

VPN Signup Stage 1

6. In the bottom right hand corner select your Payment Method from :-

  • Paypal

  • Credit Card

  • Bitcoin

  • Cash

7. When you’re happy that everything is correct read the Terms of Service, once done select the box to confirm that you agree to them and press the “Complete Order” button.

VPN Signup Stage 2

8. You will now proceed to the payment processor of your choice to complete payment for the service.

VPN Signup Stage 3

9. Once payment has been completed you will receive an email with further instructions and details of your account plus a reminder of your VPN username and password, it is good practise to change this password once it has been received in this email.

VPN Signup Stage 4