You and the Google Privacy Problem

Google has dozens of free services. Of course, the services aren’t free. You pay with your data; which Google hungrily eats up. Having access to so much data from so many different services makes Google’s Privacy Policy a difficult beast to understand. Last year 60 of the company’s services were brought together into one big policy.

These 60 services include the big ones that you know you use like the actual search engine and YouTube. In Google’s Privacy Policy the reasons for collecting your data is set out. To maintain services and to use in advertising. Their game. The information is broken down into different parts across the spectrum of sensors. Understanding the data stored for you just got easier, because it is going to be your voice coming at you telling your friend about that pizza.

Keepin’ tabs on your tabs

Those who use Google’s voice activated search feature may have their conversations recorded and processed by the profiling mixer. I’m too much of a paranerd to use Google’s voice searching. You can check out your Google history on their portal and delete things you don’t want them having. If you’re on Android, there’s a good chance you’ve got a little library going on, as you’re carrying a sensitive mic the whole time. Without further explanation, your microphone was used to record conversations you thought were private because they weren’t on a device.

Google’s Privacy Policy is available to view here.