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Browse Anonymously

Fully anonymous web browsing is technically impossible. However, a VPN like LiquidVPN with IP Modulation will get you as close as possible.

Unblock Censored Content

LiquidVPN makes hiding your IP a breeze. It takes less than one minute to get started and connect to the best VPN server for your region.

Hide Your Internet Traffic

It is impossible to hide your IP address if your device leaks data. LiquidVPN’s built in VPN kill switch and firewall Liquid Lock ensures your data leaks do not happen.

How does LiquidVPN hide my IP address?

LiquidVPN hides your IP address by encapsulating your Internet traffic within a VPN tunnel. It is a rather complicated process that can be broken down into three steps. Please note we have simplified the process and omitted as much tech jargon as possible.

  1. Authentication: Your device reaches out to our server and asks to authenticate. Both sides generate and exchange random bits of information, and then they create separate authentication and data encryption keys using the combined random bits of information.
  2. Encapsulation: the device uses the data encryption key to encrypt the IP packets and the authentication key to sign the packet before sending the encapsulated data to our server.
  3. Masking your IP:  Once the data is received. The signature is verified and the data decrypted. Our server forwards the packet to its final destination with our IP address as the return address instead of yours.
How to Hide my IP Address

Protect your privacy with an anonymous IP address

Get an Anonymous IP Address

We have over 2000 IP addresses and 65Gbps of bandwidth in 13 different regions at your disposal. You can connect to your chosen country with any of our user-friendly VPN clients. Once connected, your IP address is hidden, and you can start to browse anonymously.

  • VPN Servers in 11 countries including United States, Canada, Netherlands, Romania, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.
  • Our network has 41 VPN servers with over 65Gbps of bandwidth and 2100 public IP addresses.
  • We offer OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP and L2TP/IPSEC
  • Unlimited switching between Shared IP addresses, Dynamic IP addresses and Modulating IP addresses.
  • We protect your online privacy with end to end 256 bit AES encryption.
  • LiquidVPN does not track you. We have a strict zero log policy.
  • Use Liquid Lock to prevent data from leaking
  • LiquidVPN uses the latest cryptography standards and Perfect Forward Secrecy.
  • We provide users with unlimited bandwidth. Stream all the sources!
  • Unlimited server switching is standard.
  • LiquidVPN is never oversold. We spend heavily on infrastructure to keep it that way.

How much does it cost to hide my IP?

LiquidVPN has made it very affordable to buy VPN service and hide your IP address. Our cheapest annual plan is about $4.50 per month.

Features and Highlights
  • The LiquidVPNnetwork is a zero log VPN network and zero log DNS network. We do not keep logs of your online sessions, DNS queries or connection information.
  • LiquidVPN does not limit your bandwidth, force you to pay for switching to a new server or attempt to stop you from downloading from BitTorrent and other P2P protocols.
  • All of our VPN servers run on 1000Mbps (or higher) connections. Your connection will always be fast. We guarantee it if you are not happy just let us know.
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Hide My IP

The LiquidVPN Client with Liquid Lock…

Anonymous Browsing

With LiquidVPN’s Liquid Lock anonymous web surfing is safe and straightforward.

Switch IPs Whenever

Change your IP address whenever you want. We do not limit how often you can change servers.

Torrent Safely

Get an anonymous IP address before you start torrenting.

Hide Your IP Address

A VPN conceals your IP address, and LiquidVPN has 2000 of them for you to use.

Stop Unsafe Traffic

Liquid Lock blocks incoming and outgoing traffic that tries to bypass your anonymous VPN IP.

Secure WiFi Hotspots

Browsing behind a WiFI hotspot is not safe unless you are using a VPN.

Encrypted Internet Access

LiquidVPN uses strong cryptography standards to encrypt all of your data before it leaves your device.

Stream More Content

Pick your poison Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, Hulu or Kodi, LiquidVPN unblocks them all.

Hide DNS Queries

LiquidVPN includes its own private, zero log DNS network for VPN users.

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“I have tried a lot of different services, but LiquidVPN is the only one that consistently delivered good speeds on my torrents, got Netflix working, and kept my IP hidden!”

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“I am writing about your employee Ryan Radford. Today he went above, and beyond anything, I would have expected from a $7.00 per month service. He deserves a raise.”

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“Kudos on Liquid Lock. I have been connected for three days, then today while downloading torrents my connection dropped. The downloads stopped instantly!”

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