Buyer Beware of the HMA Pro VPN Service

Updated on 6/1/2015

If you came to this page looking for an alternative to Hide My Ass, you might be in the right place. LiquidVPN is different than HMA. Their track record for privacy, speed and customer service has been proven time after time. The article below was created a couple of months after LiquidVPN launched and much of the information is quite outdated. If you would like to take a look at what LiquidVPN has to offer, then I highly recommend you check out our features and pricing

We invite you to see for yourself which VPN provider is better LiquidVPN or HMA. If you do not agree that our VPN service trumps HMA Pro VPN service, or you are not completely satisfied with our product you get a full refund.

Why users chose LiquidVPN over HMA pro-VPN service.

The users surveyed were asked to list the reason they used one VPN service over the other. Users listing LiquidVPN’s Pro VPN Service over HMA Pro VPN service had some adamant feelings as to why they picked LiquidVPN’s Pro VPN service over HMA Pro VPN service.

Logging Policy

HMA Pro VPN service stores your IP and a timestamp for two years.
  • Users have complained that they freely share their subscriber’s data without giving their users any notification. This post at torrent freak explains what happened on one occasion.
  • HMA’s legal section states that they log your IP address for tracking purposes.

When one of our users brought this to our attention, their TOS quickly got bounced around to all of our employees. People buy VPN service because they want privacy. They buy it from HMA because they trust HMA. I have to wonder if the fact that HMA mentions the word privacy and anonymity 3 billion times on their domain are at least partially to blame for the trust people has in them.

LiquidVPN on the other hand has a strict 0 logging policy. We have it built right into our legal section. We do not log in any way, shape or form your activities on our VPN nodes. In the event that we are ordered by the court to hand over our system logs they will receive logs filled with data related to the health of the server and nothing related to clients identity or their connections. Furthermore we would never use the IP address you use to login to our VPN service to track you. HMA does this to keep users from sharing their service. The problem is every time you connect from a Wi-Fi hotspot or at a remote location your IP address will change. It is entirely possible that while traveling one day, you could attempt to login to your HMA Pro VPN service and get denied because your IP address has changed too many times.


VPN Client

Our users report that their HMA Pro VPN service and Windows 8 did not always play nice. Other users complained about HMA’s VPN client only supporting PPTP and SSL. There also seems to be some issues with HMA Pro VPN service disconnecting after 2 and a half minutes on Mac’s. I cannot verify these complaints personally because I would never give a VPN company with such a terrible logging policy my money, but I did do some research, and I have found several complaints about their VPN client here is an honest one.


Our award-winning VPN client powers LiquidVPN. It is considered to be the leading SSL VPN client on Windows and Mac. Our custom VPN client has all of the great features you would expect from a custom VPN client plus it is a functioning PPTP and L2TP/IPSEC VPN client. Users that require the most privacy possible will enjoy our VPN applications built in firewall Liquid Lock.


Download Speeds and Torrent Restrictions

One of the more surprising complaints from users regarding their HMA Pro VPN service is the horrible download speeds users experience on VPN nodes that are not physically close to the area that they connect from. There seems to be a lot of people experiencing this on the internet. HMA charges a premium price for its service, so it is hard to believe that it is oversold. I suspect this has to do more with the network their servers are hosted on. Many VPN providers look for servers with a fast connection and fast connections are much cheaper on bulk (tier 2 and higher) providers.

Another surprising complaint I have seen quite often regarding users HMA Pro VPN service is their policy on copyright claims. Apparently HMA does not want users to download torrents and will remove users from their service who are accused of copyright infringement.

LiquidVPN buys bandwidth on Tier 1 networks. We are unable to prove who broke any copyright laws and kindly explain that to anyone submitting a takedown request.