How IP Modulation Improves Your VPN Experience

LiquidVPN developed IP modulation in 2013. It offers better security than other VPN topologies due to the way it further anonymizes users. IP modulation has three main benefits: bypassing IP restrictions, enhancing user privacy and increasing information security.

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Bypassing IP restrictions

A common way for Internet Service Providers (ISP) to restrict which websites you can visit is by blocking access to the network layer. Most ISPs focus on two primary services: email and web browsing. ISPs treat everything else, like streaming music, watching videos, downloading files, etc., as luxuries.

It is important always to read the Terms of Service when choosing your network provider. If you violate the terms, it’s likely that the ISP will block your connection to the internet. Sometimes streaming services or ISPs will even block access to entire countries.

Enhance User Security

When LiquidVPN modulates your IP address, it becomes impossible to intercept and decipher your network traffic. It can block certain kinds of attacks that rely on knowing your external IP address, like man-in-the-middle, distributed denial-of-service, and IP address spoofing.

Increase Information Security

With LiquidVPN, you get IP modulation in addition to our NAT firewall and private DNS service. The combination of all three technologies makes our VPN experience one of the most secure and anonymous on Earth.

So how does it work?

LiquidVPN’s IP modulation technology was inspired by enterprise load balancing techniques. Load balancing distributes workloads across multiple computing resources more efficiently and prevents server overloads.

LiquidVPN tunnels every user’s data into an external load balancer. The balancer contains a subnet of public IP addresses. The addresses switch between each user as you browse the web – as many as 10 -20 times. Your real IP address hides behind a pool of other addresses that change constantly. This is a security method known as security through obscurity. This also makes LiquidVPN the best VPN service to use for torrenting.

You can have the best VPN experience risk-free for one week, with a 100% money back guarantee. You’ll get many more features in addition to IP modulation. Plans start at $7/month.