How To Change Your IP Address

How To Change Your IP Address

IP addresses, or Internet Protocol addresses, are a unique identifier assigned to every device connected to the internet. Depending on your Internet Service Provider you may be assigned either a static or dynamic IP address. Static IP addresses stay with the device even after disconnecting and reconnecting to the internet, whereas dynamic IP addresses may change after being disconnected (ie. rebooting) your computer.

If you are given a static IP address there are some reasons why you might want to change your devices IP address. Reasons range from being banned to a site, if you were the victim of an attack, being able to register more than once for a website,  or if you want to get around another restriction  based on IP.

If you know the IP address that you want to use, then you can enter it manually. Another way is by using the command prompt window. By using the command ipconfig/release followed by ip/renew you can request a new  IP address. Though your computer address may change it will likely have the same IP address that represents your router. However, this method should allow you to solve any of the above issues for the most part. To find out how to change your routers IP address refer to its specific owners manual. But there is no guarantee that your ISP will give you a different address as they own a certain set of addresses that are assigned to your physical location. This is often known as a subnet.

Why Change Your IP Address

Because an IP address can easily be geo-located being able to change your address to that of another city or country can be useful. Some domains look at this every time you visit their site. Some websites like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, BBC, and others restrict or alter their website based on the location that your IP address is registered to.

Simply releasing and renewing your IP address will not change your IP addresses home location. There are proxy sites which use a computer as intermediary between you and the Internet. However, often times it is tough to find a quality proxy sites and these proxy sites are usually on block lists established by your school, work, or government. Because of this, sometimes it is necessary to use a virtual private network or VPN to change your IP address. Using a service like LiquidVPN will allow you to bypass all restrictions.

Using LiquidVPN allows you change your IP address with the click of button. When connected through LiquidVPN your IP address is completely cloaked by us. Our software enables you to change your IP address with just a click of a button. This means that you can can not only change your IP address easily, but also choose in the location for your IP address.

This kind of thing can be especially useful for those that are going on a trip overseas, or even living abroad, like myself.  Normally, sites like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer would not be available in many countries. There are only a handful in Asia and the sites are largely restricted elsewhere on the globe too.


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