How to Get Better Quality Movie Streaming with Roku

Roku Image of Streaming Chanels Available

Roku Can Stream Your Favorite Channels in Ultra HD

Do you Love using your Roku for streaming like I do? This nifty little tool is great for streaming movies, music or anything else. Its popularity I believe, is due to its features, coupled with a simplistic interface that is intuitive to use. I mean it does not matter if a product has all the features of the world if they cannot be used without too much effort it is going to fail, this is one area where, Roku has got it right. Read on and I will cover a couple of the newly added, easy to use features of the Roku 4.

Better and Bigger

No, I did not say bigger is better but “better and bigger” is better. Roku 4 is well equipped to stream movies with the new 4k Ultra HD devices. The world is always offering newer more advanced technology and, of course, your TV is no exception. The new 4k Ultra HD TV’s available give you outstanding picture quality, clarity, and improvements in sound. As well as being able to stream with this quality, Roku 4 has a new function that will adapt the resolution automatically of what you are streaming, to the best resolution your TV can provide.

Great new Feature on The New Roku Remote

I am a big fan of Roku’s simple yet effective remote. Firstly, let me say though not a new feature I find the headphone jack on the remote ingenious. I mean you can watch without disturbing anyone and don’t need any extra equipment just headphones. The new remote is the same old trusty Roku remote with one very helpful new feature. Remote Finder, you press a button on the Roku, and the remote makes a sound so you can find it. What a great Idea. No more searching for the remote and blaming your partner for losing it. I do need to warn you, though, there are some situations where this may not work. If your dog buries the remote in the back yard or eats it, you may have trouble using Remote Finder.

Streaming Content on your Roku with LiquidVPN

Now that you have a new Roku it is time to find content to stream. It is no secret that users in the USA will have the most content options available to them. The UK has lots of great content to stream on your Roku as well. It just so happens that LiquidVPN provides ultra fast VPN servers all over the United States and the United Kingdom that can be used to stream all your favorite geofenced content. If you are a LiquidVPN subscriber, you can take advantage of our Smart Streaming capabilities to stream content to your Roku while connected to any of our VPN servers.