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The important reasons you shouldn’t choose a VPN on price alone

If you’re like me, you love a bargain. If you can get something cheaper elsewhere then why pay a higher price?

VPN services, however, shouldn’t be one of those bargain things.

Without question we all like to shop around for the best price. Buying a new TV? Check out the competition and find the same model cheaper. A new car? do the same.

The VPN industry, however, isn’t like other industries and below I’ll explain why.

Why you shouldn’t choose a VPN based on price

Unlike TVs, cars and other tangible items, a VPN is a service and it’s not a standard ‘out of the box’ service either.

With more than 500 VPN services to choose from making your mind up can be difficult. We’re all swayed by price and it’s almost impossible to not be drawn in by those 7 years for a couple of dollars per month deals.

Yet when choosing a VPN service there is one important factor to remember, all VPN services are different. They aren’t created equally.

There is no standard VPN package across the board, this means that comparing prices is a rather pointless exercise.

Some services like LiquidVPN have fast speeds, others have slow speeds. LiquidVPN works with US Netflix, others don’t. LiquidVPN offers apps for most major devices, some don’t.

The list is endless and it’s for this reason that price alone shouldn’t be your main consideration when choosing a VPN service.

What should I consider when choosing a VPN service?

Rather than just stumping up for the cheapest service that will lock you in for the next lustrum (that’s half a century if you’re wondering – or 5 years!) you should consider exactly what you’re getting for your money.


Let’s start with speeds. LiquidVPN has been commended across the board in multiple reviews for faster VPN speeds than most other providers. That includes both large and small providers.

That accolade isn’t reserved just to one year, it’s been an ongoing achievement since 2013.


With LiquidVPN you can connect on up to 4-devices concurrently with the mid-tier ‘Road Warrior’ package. It’s just $5.75 /mo which is nearly a dollar less per month than another popular VPN service that only lets you connect on 3-devices.


The LiquidVPN service has dedicated apps for Windows, Mac and Android allowing you to secure your desktop and mobile devices. By comparison some high-priced services have only just released apps for desktops leaving your mobile devices hanging.


VPN protocols give you choice. When you’re in different situations you may need to switch protocols. Most lesser VPN services only offer PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. Some don’t even offer those three choices but limited you to one or two. LiquidVPN offers all those and more including OpenConnect and L2TP/IPSec.

Value Added Features

It’s not just the obvious features that VPN services differ on either, it’s the small things that often make or break a service. Having 24×7 Support, Instant Set-up and warning systems like a Warrant Canary separate LiquidVPN from most other services.

LiquidVPN Canary

LiquidVPN’s Warrant Canary keeps you safe.

There’s also a completely unique VPN connection mode we like to call “Modulating”. It’s an exclusive added layer of security for your browsing habits and one you won’t find elsewhere.

What to look out for with cheap VPN ‘deals’

Over the years the price of VPN services has been driven down by mass competition.

Competition is actually great, it means lower prices for you the consumer but in an ever competitive marketplace the type of deals available has switched.

No longer do you save money by committing to an annual package, now some VPN services want you to commit to 2, 3 or even 7 years! It’s crazy! How do you even know the service will still be around that long?

Plus what if it deteriorates in quality? You’re locked in with no way of getting your cash back.

LiquidVPN’s most popular package the ‘Road Warrior’ costs just $10 per month but if you sign up for a year you can save nearly 50% off the price. There are no stupidly long 7-year deals for $2 – $3 per month meaning if you’re unhappy with the service you can simply move on, nothing lost.

VPN confused

You don’t have to be a genius to work out that the savings on those ultra-long locked in deals is just a few dollars and for your peace of mind it just isn’t worth it.

Conclusion: Why price really isn’t important

We’ve all got a budget to stick to, that goes without saying. However, it’s worth remembering how important your online data and privacy is these days.

I would even go as far to say it’s more valuable than the contents of your home. Just look at what can happen when your details and information gets into the wrong hands.

For that reason, don’t skimp on the cost of a VPN service. Sure, I’m not advocating buying the most expensive, but don’t dither over a dollar or two here and there. Would you buy the cheapest lock to protect your house? or would you buy the best you can afford for the job?

LiquidVPN offers an unmatched VPN service which is highly competitive on price, in fact, it’s actually cheaper than most other services.

What LiquidVPN won’t do is lock you in for the rest of time to offer you a service which is unsustainable at $2-$3 per month.

So if you’re looking for a highly-rated, fast and reliable VPN service give LiquidVPN a whirl, if it’s not what you wanted you’ve got 7-days or 5GB to get your money back question free.

7-day money back guarantee