Introducing the Optional VPN Static IP and Port Forwarding

David Cox At LiquidVPN


LiquidVPN: VPN Static IP Addresses

Our upgraded VPN service now includes Optional Static IP’s and user defined  port forwarding.

We have just finished a software and server upgrade that introduces two exciting new features that go hand in hand. First the optional VPN static IP is an add-on service available to anyone subscribing to our Pro VPN Service. For a minimal fee you will get your very own static IP address. This is a public IP address that is useable  by you alone. No other traffic will be allowed to come or go from that IP address. Currently we are offering our optional static IP VPN’s in the Netherlands, UK and Germany but we have plans to roll out more locations very soon. To connect to your static IP address you must connect to your chosen node via the SSL/OpenVPN protocol. You may still connect to any other VPN servers using whichever protocol you choose like normal. This is a perfect option for users that want to either send or receive traffic on the same IP address 24/7 but are unable to do so because their ISP does not allow it.

Some great uses for these VPN static IP addresses include:

  • Running a web server from your home broadband connection. Most broadband connections do not allow you to run a web server and provide you with a dynamic IP address. By using our VPN with the static IP add-on you completely bypass your ISP’s packet inspection attempts. They will not know you are running a web server and you never have to use a service like dynDNS because your IP address does not change.
  • Setting up a remote desktop connection to your home network. A VPN static IP is perfect for this. Not only does it give you the benefit of having a static IP address it encrypts the traffic making remote desktop even more secure.
  • Running any number of other services on your broadband connection that requires a static IP and would not normally be allowed by your ISP. Lets face it. ISP’s do not want you using your home connection for business. Instead they want to charge you double for their business service.



Port Forwarding from the User CP

When you subscribe to our VPN static IP you can open ports on our firewall and have them forwarded to your IP address right from the control panel. It is a very simple process. After you Buy VPN Service take a look at this setup guide