Jealous Lover Tactics or latest Snowden Document. You Decide.

In 2012 a top-secret spy conference took place. The ever cheeky British SIGINT agency GCHQ prepared slides describing cyber operations that were later leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and published by NBC News. The document outlined methods used by JTRIG to disrupt and harass their targets. The slides are a 9 page outline of operations with some real world examples thrown in. In one of the slides the presentation outlines the use of the “4Ds” deny, disrupt, degrade and deceive. Up until this point I wasn’t really interested in the document until the leak started to talk about efforts to develop capabilities that can mitigate the amount of data lost due to encryption. That one got my attention. The rest of the documents really sounded more like tactics a scorned lover would use. These top secret tactics included bombarding the targets phone with text messages and phone calls, deleting their online presence, changing their photos on social networking sites, posting negative information about the target, write blog posts about the target pretending to be the victim, emailing and texting the targets friends, neighbors and colleagues, leaking information and my favorite setting up honey-traps dubbed a “great option.” A honey-trap is leading a target to believe they are going to have a sexual encounter with a female who then generally turns out to be a GCHQ agent. I personally think “honey-trap” is not nearly as accurate as “honey-hole” would be but I guess even spooks have to be politically correct.


Normally I do not share my opinions on here because I would rather see this blog adding value to our community but the whole time I read this document I couldn’t help but wonder if my ex was working for the GCHQ the whole time we were together or if she started working there after we broke up and created this document based on our relationship. It is really comforting to know that big brother has to rely on bombarding their targets phone with calls and text messages to disrupt their communications. You would think with the billions of dollars every year in taxes we pay for these agencies to protect us they would be able to just shut the targets phone down completely and save the ex lover tactics.


If you would like to read the original story that sparked my attention you can read Snowden Docs: British Spies Used Sex and ‘Dirty Tricks’ after reading these posts you might be interested in protecting your privacy online or how to use privacy mode. A jealous ex could erase your online identity too if you rely on simple passwords. Consider using a password manager to keep them safe.