Chicago VPN Servers for League of Legends Players

I cannot count the number of times I have answered tickets over the last 4 months by League of Legends gamers requesting VPN servers in Chicago to cut down latency in their new North American data center.  We finally found a suitable host in Chicago that is able to deliver amazing ping times the LOL players needed while still meeting our strict data center requirements on connectivity, security, privacy and policy. The first 2 VPN servers online in Chicago each have 2Gbps of throughput a piece on redundant networks. Meaning players should see reduced ping times and maximum bandwidth during peak hours. To get an idea of the benefits achievable using our Chicago VPN servers to play League of Legends one simply needs to take a look at their Ping while they are connected to our Chicago VPN servers. Disconnect, rinse and repeat. Compare the results.

Ping Testing the Chicago VPN for League of Legends

We will run the test from my home in Toronto, Canada. I live 530 miles (830 km) away from Chicago. I will be using my cable modem provided by Rogers Cable. I have a 50 up and 10 down connection and it is currently 8:00 PM locally and 7:00 PM in Chicago. When running the test it is important to remember to use the same speedtest server for both tests. I have tested several of the speedtest servers in Chicago to find the one that gives me the lowest ping. I ended up choosing the Chicago Comcast server for my tests.

Toronto to Chicago Ping Test No VPN

As you can see below 81 ms ping is not all that great. When I did some more research I found out that the path my data is taking travels all the way to Vancouver and then to New York before finally going to Chicago. Common sense dictates that routing my data to the west coast and then to the east coast before sending it to Chicago is going to add considerable time to the responses.

  • Traceroute
  • Chicago VPN Trace

Toronto to Chicago Ping Test With VPN

Here the difference is quite drastic. 18 ms is quite good considering I am 500 miles away from the League of Legends servers. Again I did some extra research and my data takes a much more direct path to the chosen Chicago destination.

  • Traceroute for League of Legends
  • Ping


Your Milage May Vary

My ISP has a very poorly optimized network so using a Chicago VPN server to play League of Legends cuts down my ping substantially. When I had a friend that lives in Michigan do the same test the VPN connection was 2 milliseconds higher than it was without being connected to the Chicago VPN server. It is best to do some testing first and see what type of path your data is taking into the LOL data center. If you do need a Chicago VPN to play LOL or any other game sign up for LiquidVPN and try cutting down your latency using the same methods I have shown above.