VPN Features and Highlights

Here are the VPN features that come standard with your LiquidVPN subscription.
Global VPN network

3 OpenVPN Tunnel Topologies

Unlike the competition we are serious innovators. We provide users with 3 different VPN tunnel topologies for OpenVPN connections. Use the topology that best fits your application.Supported VPN Tunnel Topologies »
Multiple VPN protocols


LiquidVPN supports OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSEC, and SSTP VPN tunnels. SSTP uses AES and will allow users to punch through very tough firewalls. L2TP uses AES and is great for mobile devices. OpenVPN is recommended for all other uses. OpenVPN uses AES-256-CBC w/ SHA2.
VPN for PC and Mac

The LiquidVPN Client

The LiquidVPN client is available for multiple platforms. It is a full featured VPN client software that will be instantly familiar to anyone that has used a VPN client. Connect to any of our VPN servers using OpenVPN, SSTP and L2TP. The desktop clients even have Liquid Lock.Liquid Viscosity VPN Software »

No Usage Restrictions

LiquidVPN never limits you. Unlike other VPN providers we do not enforce download speed caps, protocol restrictions. We do not block ports, SMTP, SSH, or FTP. We do not care if you use non P2P optimized VPN servers to run Bittorrent on. Use our network when you want and how you want.A Real Torrent VPN »

Zero Log DNS Service

Our competition sends your queries to 3rd party DNS services. Leaving the queries open to manipulation. LiquidDNS is LiquidVPN’s own encrypted zero logging SMART DNS service. Combat censorship, bypass content restrictions and DNS based attacks with our private zero log DNS service for LiquidVPN users only.Our Zero Log DNS Service »
10Gbps VPN

Engineered for VPN Performance

LiquidVPN is engineered from the ground up for extreme VPN performance. We provide high bandwidth users the highest level of speed and encryption. We regularly phase out old hardware and add new servers ensuring the fastest VPN connections technically achievable with our encryption standards.Engineered for VPN Performance »
our global VPN network

Global VPN Network

LiquidVPN offers an ever expanding number of VPN server locations throughout the U.S.A and Europe. Our VPN network is rapidly evolving to keep pace with the latest trends in technology. We keep the users per server ratio lower than other VPN services more interested in packing in the most users per server possible. With LiquidVPN there is always extra bandwidth available for your chosen location.Our Global VPN Network »
Technical Support

Fanatical Support 24x7x365

Our support team is the cream of the crop. We are always available to help 24x7x365. Contact us via email or trouble ticket. We are available for remote desktop support (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android). If you end up requiring assistance our techs will have you back up and running in no time.Contact Technical Support »
Modulating VPN

Shared IP VPN Topology

Many LiquidVPN users share 1 single public IP address to enhance their anonymity and security online. While on our shared IP VPN topology users are protected from malicious traffic with our advanced NAT firewall.Shared IP VPN Topology »
Increased VPN Privacy

Modulating IP VPN Topology

Each time your browser loads a video, HTML, picture, script or does any number of other actions during a single page load your IP public IP has a chance to seamlessly modulate (change).Introducing IP Modulation »
No Port Forwarding

Dynamic IP VPN Topology

With our dynamic IP VPN topology users are randomly assigned their very own public IP address that will change each time they connect to the server. A dynamic IP address has an advantage over our other topologies when it comes to things like gaming and streaming media.Dynamic IP VPN Topology »
High Security Certificate

Complaint and Abuse Transparency

Want to see all of the complaints, DMCA notices and requests we receive and how we responded? Take a look at our Transparency reports.Transparency Reports »
Smart Content Streaming

Smart Content Streaming

Streaming your favorite USA based content from abroad has never been easier. Simply connect to any of our VPN servers regardless of physical location and stream content normally only available in the USA.

Clear Privacy Policy

LiquidVPN does not hide behind a large terms of service section that secretly grants far reaching powers you would never agree too if it was not hidden away in section 42 paragraph IV. in the hopes that you won’t bother to read that far down. Our policies have been created with the hope that they will be read.Terms of Service »
DDoS Protected VPN

Unmatched VPN Security

LiquidVPN takes your security seriously. We provide real 10Gbps or higher DDoS protected servers in select locations and the ability to take your privacy to the next level with Liquid Lock our brand new security feature that stops every type of leak possible dead in its tracks. No more DNS leaks, WebRTC leaks, disconnect leaks or IPv6 leaks.Enhance Your VPN Security »

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