LiquidIPS Enhanced VPN Boosts Internet Security

An optional intrusion prevention system designed for high risk applications.

Our VPN service comes with an optional intrusion prevention system enhancement that sits between you and the attacker. It automatically stops malware and blocks attacks before they can wreak havoc on your device. It is updated daily with new signatures and patterns and best of all it learns from its successes and failures.

Data Security

Secure Your Internet

When the NSA, a hacker or criminal tricks you into opening a link, visiting a compromised website or even viewing a simple file whatever data they are after is 1 step closer to being theirs. An Intrusion Prevention System is the only internet security tool designed to combat active threats like the one shown here.

Prevent bug & virus infestations.

Every day we add dozens of new signatures and patterns to the intrusion prevention system to protect users devices while they are connected to LiquidVPN’s servers. Use our advanced scanning engine as your first line of defense against incoming threats.

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Intrusion Prevention Benefits All Your Connected Devices

The next Heartbleed is out there. LiquidVPN’s Intrusion Prevention System enhanced VPN service protects otherwise vulnerable systems from many types of attacks before they are known to the public. When Dangerous new exploits go public their signatures are added to our intrusion prevention engine. Actively blocking them from causing damage to your device. It is the perfect complement when using a dynamically assigned public IP Address with our VPN service and an ideal enhancement to your internet security.
Block Web Hackers

Identify and block malicious traffic.

Traffic sent to you through your VPN tunnel passes through Liquid IPS first. An automated analysis is performed before it reaches you. Authentic traffic passes freely to your device. 99% of traffic falls into this category but when a threat is detected Liquid IPS deploys the appropriate countermeasures to stop the incoming threat before it can do any harm to you or your device.
Block Web Bugs

Prevent bugs in your mailbox from finding your device.

The most successful attacks start with a bug or vulnerability on your system or the server you are interacting with. These exploits may not be detected by traditional security software like antivirus software and firewalls. When you use a VPN service enhanced with the brand new Liquid IPS engine you have a better chance of blocking this new breed of sophisticated attack before it can compromise your data.
All Devices

Works with any device connected to LiquidVPN.

Traditionally threats were a Windows concern but times have changed. Devices are rushed to market. Manufacturers have little incentive to preform proper penetration testing. They may use a web cam, Xbox Kinect, tablet, VOIP system or smartphone to do reconnaissance or gain entry to our devices. As the types of attacks evolve so will LiquidVPN’s Intrusion Prevention System.
Block Network Bugs

Remove the target from your device.

Consumers are running advanced networks that would have required an expert systems administrator 10 years ago. A consumer’s internet connected devices are the targets of some of the most sophisticated and widespread data breaches in history. Consumer detection and prevention software must adapt. Our simple VPN software enhanced with the new Liquid intrusion prevention system is the first marriage of these two technologies.
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