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Download our custom OpenVPN, SSTP and L2TP/IPSEC VPN Mac VPN client.

LiquidVPN for Mac Exclusives

LiquidVPN includes many security features built in to defeat censorship, prevent eavesdropping, enhance your privacy and protect your data while you are online.
Connected to LiquidVPN for your Mac

One-Click Privacy Protection

LiquidVPN for Mac is a simple one-click solution for data encryption across the internet.
Shared VPN

Liquid Lock Stops Leaks

Once you enable Liquid Lock your Mac will be completely protected from any known and unknown attack aimed at VPN clients. This works by building custom firewall scripts for your network. Turn it on and nothing will get past it unless its encrypted or you explicitly requested it.
Increased VPN Privacy

Death to the VPN kill switch!

With Liquid Lock VPN kill switches are a thing of the past. You no longer need things like DNS leak protection, disconnect protection or even WebRTC protection. Liquid Lock will prevent it all.

Smart Content Streaming

SMART Content Streaming

With built in SmartDNS LiquidVPN will transform your Mac into a content streaming powerhous.


SSTP Support

LiquidVPN for Mac fully supports SSTP VPN connections. It is the only OS X client to include this.

Multiple IP Topologies

Choose between 3 different network topologies including public, modulating and shared IP’s.

Modulating IP Addresses

LiquidVPN’s exclusive IP modulation technology will randomly change your public IP address.


LiquidDNS is LiquidVPN’s private zero log DNS service. Created to prevent DNS censorship.

Simple & Intuitive Server Selection

Selecting your favorite LiquidVPN server location couldn’t be easier with LiquidVPN for Mac.
traceable VPN tunnel

Ping Test

Use the built-in ping test to find the fastest LiquidVPN server cluster to connect your Mac to.

data security

VPN Server Sorting

Finding your desired VPN server is a snap with LiquidVPN’s built-in sort and filter functions.
our global VPN network

Server Details

View the most important VPN server information and refresh it whenever it’s needed.

10Gbps VPN


Add LiquidVPN servers to your list of favorites making it even faster to find and switch between them.
Select a VPN server

Automatic Upates

Enable automatic updates to check for new servers and software updates whenever you start the app.

Visual Bandwidth Meter

LiquidVPN for Mac includes a visual bandwidth meter that lets you view the last 30 minutes of use.

Visual Notifications

Whenever an important action happens LiquidVPN for Mac will display a visual notification and information link.

Get In Touch

Get technical support, request features or report bugs right from the LiquidVPN for Mac app.

Alternative Ports

If your ISP or country throttles or shapes traffic based on ports you can select an alternative.

Reconnect Automatically

If your connection to a LiquidVPN server fails LiquidVPN for Mac will automatically reconnect.

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