LiquidVPN for Windows

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LiquidVPN Exclusive Features

We have developed exclusive security tools and privacy features to defeat censorship, protect your personal data and prevent tracking you while you’re online.

Say Hello to LiquidVPN for Windows

LiquidVPN for Windows makes getting connected to our network quickly and easily.
Shared VPN

Protected by Liquid Lock

Enable Liquid Lock with the touch of a button. Once enabled Liquid Lock modifies your firewall rules and protects against any threat.
Increased VPN Privacy

Never Worry About Disconnects

Liquid Lock has prevented 100% of the disconnect events it has tested because it uses your operating system’s built in firewall to stop the type of behavior that leads to your data leaking out to the net without encryption.

Modulating VPN

DNS Leak Protection

Liquid Lock prevents every type of IPv4 and IPv6 DNS leaks. Your DNS queries are forced to go through our encrypted tunnel.

Static VPN

No WebRTC Attacks

Liquid Lock stops websites from exploiting the WebRTC stun attack. Preventing them from seeing your true IP address.
Connected to LiquidVPN

Multiple Topologies & Protocols

use 4 protocols and 3 network topologies including shared, public and modulating IP’s.

Exclusive IP Modulation

Use IP modulation to continuously and seamlessly change your IP address while connected to the network.


LiquidDNS LiquidVPN’s exclusive logless DNS, Prevents censorship and bypasses 3rd party monitoring.
Select a VPN server

Convenient and Fast Server Selection

LiquidVPN for Windows makes selecting your favorite LiquidVPN server location intuitive and easy. Now you can even select the topology and protocol from the server select screen shaving off seconds of your valuable time.
traceable VPN tunnel

Server Ping Test

Ping test LiquidVPN servers to find out what type of speed and latency to expect while connected.

data security

Sort and Filter

Sort and filter the list of LiquidVPN servers to quickly find the VPN server location you need.
our global VPN network

Quickly Find Your Servers

Selecting the fastest VPN server location is simple. View important information and refresh as needed.

10Gbps VPN


Add your favorite LiquidVPN servers to the favorite list so you can quickly connect to them later on.

Automatic Updates

Receive automatic updates when new program updates or server locations are available.

VPN Bandwidth Graph

The VPN bandwidth graph can be used to monitor your connection speed in 30 minute intervals.

Desktop Notifications

Get notifications on your desktop anytime you connect, change servers or disconnect.

Support and Feedback

Open a new request for technical support, leave feedback and request features from your desktop.

Port Selection

Choose an alternative port when others are not available to bypass traffic shaping and bandwidth throttling.

Automatic Reconnections

Automatically reconnect whenever your connection to a LiquidVPN server is interrupted and fails.

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