VPN Policy & Server Updates

Less than two weeks after someone used our service to attempt to gain unauthorized access into Bank of America owned resources and we made a very hard decision about our USA South network segment (We no longer have a USA South network segment) we have seen an outpouring of support from our subscribers and a notable increase in new sign ups. While it meant compiling 3 new Gentoo server kernels to replace our lost assets in Texas and the development of some complex layer 7 filters it has been worth it because we were able to take this opportunity to initiate a dialogue with our subscribers to get their feedback and suggestions. Because of this dialogue some changes have already been made to our terms of service and our transparency reports section has been created. Some harder to implement changes like a Warrant Canary and new VPN software that is easier to use for beginners are things we have started to work on.


New Server Location – New Jersey

We have just added 3 VPN servers in New Jersey. They support dynamic, shared and modulating IP addresses. The servers are also the first to use our newest configuration file revisions. The network is extremely fast with very good europe throughput. We are still running at a fuller capacity than before the attempted Bank of America attacks. We are currently seeking another location that is suitable for the next LiquidVPN service expansion.


Advanced Guides & Scripts

We have added a DDWRT configuration guide and guide and a PFSense guide for the more advanced users. We are publishing more advanced guides in the upcoming days so check back frequently for information on how to do setup some more advanced Operating systems. Four new scripts are being added to the script library that will allow VPN users to effectively add or remove the routes on your PC to keep from accidentally displaying your real IP address. These scripts will work with any VPN connection and will work much better than any other method to block your real IP address from being displayed.