User Submitted Review of VPN Service at LiquidVPN

Its no secret the staff at LiquidVPN is passionate about the service we provide. Whenever I get feedback from users I am always grateful. Recently after working through a ticket with a user named Rick he asked if there was anything he could do to help spread our message and I asked for a user quote for the new website coming online soon. A day or so later I was having a bad day when I received this review from Rick and it made my day. So because 800 words is a bit long for a user quote I am posting the entire message here on our blog.


Liquid VPN is one of those rare companies which evidently considers its service to be a source of pride for the owner as well as the employees who clearly demonstrate a vested interest in its success. The typical business model these days tends to be driven by marketing, not engineering. That model prescribes cutting expenses to the bone, expecting your customers to make a purchase decision based solely upon cost, and providing a level of service or quality of product that barely suits the purpose. So much the better if the customer never even knows what they’ve purchased, or worse, what they’ve missed. A monthly VPN subscription is just the type of service that is vulnerable to this corrupt business model. Most customers recognize the need for a VPN, but don’t recognize just how poor the entire market segment’s offerings really are once you look “under the hood”. And even ground level employees at the majority of the VPN businesses don’t realize just how vulnerable their services are to prying eyes. This is exactly where Liquid VPN outshines the competition. Liquid VPN believes that the quality of the service they provide will grow their business for them; it shows in their dedicated tech support (they often answer emails within minutes), their monomaniacal focus on continual network upgrades, and ground-breaking new technology offerings such as modulating IP addresses in addition to the industry standard shared and dynamic IP choices. Consider: no other VPN service offers a modulating IP address. Liquid VPN invented it. Dave Cox maintains a VPN service that provides the most security and anonymity that money can buy without owning a military-grade government computer network. For example, Liquid VPN offers the following aspects of a quality VPN service that are notably lacking in the competition:

  • Secure, private DNS owned by Liquid VPN – the DNS (Domain Name Service) a VPN chooses to use is absolutely critical to your security, privacy, and anonymity while surfing the web. If an adversary can see your DNS requests, then that adversary is essentially looking over your shoulder as you type a destination into your browser. Truly so. Many VPN services use Google’s public DNS services in hopes that you won’t notice just how important DNS really is. And if you’ve been reading the news lately, then you know that Google’s public DNS is just that: public, and, willing to sell the information to 3rd. You’re buying a VPN service for privacy, right? So why use a public DNS?
  • Air-gapped certificate server – air-gapping is the practice of physically separating critical components of your network from the network itself. They stand alone, tamper resistant. Certificates are essential to ensuring that the Liquid VPN server you are logging on to is actually the Liquid VPN server you think you are logging on to. Certificates address the problem of server identity on the internet. If the computer that generates those certificates is connected to the network or the internet, then an adversary can modify those certificates. We really, really don’t want that to happen. Liquid VPN goes to the trouble and expense of using a separate, air-gapped computer to generate its certificates. Not many do.
  • Good encryption: Liquid VPN uses some of the best, most secure algorithms known and available. They don’t sacrifice security when optimizing their network. 256 bit encryption and 4096 bit certificates (when the industry standard is half of that size and exponentially easier and faster to exploit) are typical profiles at Liquid VPN.
  • Speed: Liquid VPN is one of the fastest VPNs available. And their UDP connections are even faster at no additional cost.
  • Obsessive technical support: Liquid VPN answers questions so well and so thoroughly that you will regard them as fellows, associates, and friends if you stick around long enough. Importantly, a REAL technician answers your emails and tickets. Not a mindless customer service zombie who can’t wait for you to leave them alone. Liquid VPN employees actually care, and they actually KNOW something about what they do for a living.
  • Honest disclosure of network information: a valuable warrant canary; specific, timely, and informative network status updates as opposed to vague excuses for server downtime; meaningful and actionable information is made available to the end user.
  • Liquid Viscosity (Open VPN) software and an online automatic configuration generator: set up your connections in minutes. Manage your VPN so that it will even connect automatically upon loading your computer’s user profile… effective, simple. You won’t even know it’s there—just use the internet as you always do.
  • Built-in tools such as a speed test, a DNS leak test (offering peace of mind for the privacy of your DNS queries), and a user control panel on the Liquid VPN web site.


Treat yourself to this: a subscription to Liquid VPN provides you with far greater security and privacy for your online life, and, comfort in knowing that as a mere mortal you are receiving the best money can buy.