March Madness: the Internet Rights Edition

The sun is out, the sky is blue, March might not be a bad month to get off the internet and back into the real world.

Just kidding. Never leave. The Internet is great, it is our friend. We love the Internet. Don’t we?

March is, however, a great month for technology. This post is a prelim to the stories that have been filling your time feeds all month.

March Madness- unbreakable encryption meets the immovable government

  • March 15th – The Investigatory Powers Bill gets its 2nd reading in the House of Commons. Expect posh British men braying like horses.
    – Apple’s response to the FBI’s response to Apple’s response to the FBI’s  court order is due. Expect heads meeting walls.
  • March 21st – Apple hold their “here’s what you’re going to be buying this year” event at Cupertino. Expect software updates being used draw lines in sand. The event has been moved from the 15th of March to the day before their court date with the FBI.
  • March 22nd – Apple and the FBI will be tussling in the courts over the encrypted iPhone 5C. Expect this to go to the Supreme Court.
  • March 23rd – Re-discover the joys of lambs, budding trees and healthy eating blog posts about how to celebrate the end of Lent without returning to binge eating.

I also have no idea what March Madness is, the phrase has entered my brain via virtual osmosis. Either way, the keyword Wizards will likely look favourably upon its placement in this little post. Sadly this post got published at the end of March instead of the beginning. It is funny how things work out. Especially in cases like Apple v FBI. Who would have saw that coming!

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