LiquidVPN Network Expands VPN Coverage Into Singapore

The recent spike of new LiquidVPN users from Asia and Australia has prompted us to expand VPN coverage into Asia, Singapore to be exact. The servers in Singapore are hosted with Leaseweb the largest ISP in the region. Because of the lack of IPv4 address space in Asia we are only offering our shared IP VPN connections but the network is quite fast and can connect to Netflix, Hulu and other American streaming services that are normally blocked in Asia.

Traditionally users in Singapore and in many countries in Asia block websites they deem inappropriate. In Singapore this is carried out by the Media Development Authority (MDA) however this only affects residents. When you login to one of our new Singapore VPN servers you will not experience the same censorship citizens experience. Furthermore our commitment to net neutrality will be upheld at all costs. This means P2P and/or adult content (also banned in Singapore) will always remain available through our servers. If the time ever comes that Leaseweb changes its policies we will pull out of the region.

Singapore has a long history of arresting citizens for making comments online they deem to be “offensive.” Because of these insane policies many citizens have to use VPN services. We welcome our friends in Singapore and would like to invite them to try LiquidVPN.

How To Find The Singapore VPN Configuration Files

Liquid Viscosity users can download the latest version of the Liquid Viscosity client from their client area to quickly install the configuration files, they can manually force Liquid Viscosity to update or they can wait for the automatic updates to kick off.

OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP/SSTP will need to get the configuration information from their control panel in order to connect to Singapore.