New Liquid Viscosity VPN Client and USA VPN Servers Online

The newest version of Liquid Viscosity has been published today for both Windows and Mac. It makes finding your favorite server much easier than in previous versions. It also includes updates to the core Liquid Viscosity application and support for the new LiquidVPN website design. The latest VPN servers are included with this release. This update is recommended but not required. Users can rely on the automatic update process if they wish and their security settings allow it. Mac users must update OS X before updating or installing Liquid Viscosity. All Mac OS X users should update their OS regardless of VPN client because it closes a backdoor within OS X software.


New USA VPN Servers Online

LiquidVPN has been growing quite rapidly in 2015 and its all thanks to you our wonderful users. So far this month we have added 3 new servers in California (1 OpenVPN, 1 PPTP/L2TP/SSTP and 1 DNS server) with a total of 256 more usable IP addresses. The new California VPN servers fully support all of our VPN topologies and protocols and provide public IP addresses, shared IP addresses and modulating IP addresses. This brings our total up to almost 400 IP addresses in California. So far in 2015 we have added USA VPN servers in 3 locations.

Experimental Multi Location IP Modulation

We have added a multilocation IP modulation configuration that we are experimenting with that will bounce your IP between 5 different global locations (UK, VA, CA, FL, NJ) we urge more people to download this OpenVPN configuration so we can further test it under extreme load. The more people using it the more IPs will modulate.


The Website Migration and Upgrade

After months of work the newest version of LiquidVPN has gone live. We had a few small teething problems due to the new link structure but we think this new version has a better layout and should make things much easier to find. We welcome your feedback on the website and as always anyone finding a bug or error that we are not aware of will be rewarded with credit towards their VPN subscription.