Introducing The New LiquidVPN Client

Having a virtual private network, or VPN, at your disposal is essential for performing many tasks online. Many consumers use their VPN while connected to guest networks like Wi-Fi hotspots to protect their data from 3rd party eavesdroppers.  For those that like to download it can increase your speed and bypass site filters that limit P2P downloading. A VPN service can also help you bypass geo-fenced content that the censorship brigade has decided you can’t view.

For those of you living abroad a strong VPN service like LiquidVPN will enable you to access regionally blocked content like Hulu and Netflix anywhere in the world. All of this is made possible because LiquidVPN blocks your IP address from being seen. It routes the flow of your internet browsing in a secure and encrypted way as to keep hackers and other parties out while giving you fuller access to the internet. So whether you’re a road warrior, torrent lover, privacy advocate, or simply living overseas you can use LiquidVPN to ensure security and improve internet browsing.

LiquidVPN for windows

the new LiquidVPN client, aptly named “the LiquidVPN client” is not only a breeze to install, but it is a snap to use as well. Once you launch the application all it takes is one click before you have the unlocked internet at your fingertips. And if you have any problems they have a full host of in-depth troubleshooting guides and how-to’s to set you straight.

For those of you worried about privacy, LiquidVPN guarantees a no logging service. Meaning that there are no records of your internet browsing activities at all. So, besides having an encrypted network you can also rest assured that no peeping tom is going to be able to get your past internet activity.

Contrary to popular belief; you don’t have to be a criminal to worry about privacy online. Having a VPN is simply essential to protect yourself from potential hackers when using public WiFi, while traveling abroad, or for running a business where employees will need to keep in contact with the home server.

LiquidVPN has been around for over two years and headed up by Dave Cox. Dave is a network engineer with more than 15 years under his belt working in some of the most advanced private data centers in the U.S.A. Get secure internet now by visiting their pricing page and finding a solution that works for you.