New LiquidVPN Services, Promotions and News

There have been some changes at LiquidVPN that users should be aware of.

  1. LiquidVPN Has added SSTP support. SSTP works in countries that actively block VPN access. Including China and Iran. It should bypass basically any firewall. SSTP suffers from the same TCP Meltdown effect that other TCP protocols do. Think OpenVPN over TCP . It performs about the same as OpenVPN over TCP. SSTP is available everywhere except Germany. There are no real plans to add SSTP support there.
  2. We have tripled the number of UK VPN servers available to our users and added IP Modulation in the UK so users that prefer the UK will finally be able to use IP Modulation.
  3. We have installed a load balancer and external caching on the domain. Speeding up response time and load time. We have also begun working on a new design that is less resource intensive. Stay tuned for updates on this.
  4. We have introduced no subscription options and to celebrate we are running a promotion for the next 90 days or 50 signups which ever comes first. Anyone signing up for a new 180 day or 365 day VPN account will get 50% off the advertised price with this link This promotion will only run for a limited time so now is the time to make your purchase.