Open Source Intelligence; Instagram Edition

Rich Kids of Instagram are proving that wealth and material possessions aren’t accurate markers of intelligence. An article in the Guardian describes how social media is being used by cybersecurity firms, fraud investigators and lawyers to find evidence to freeze and seize assets.

While the money-making parents might not be uploading yacht selfies and hot dog legs, their kids sure are. Daniel Hall, who has the excellent title of director of global judgement enforcement at Burford Capital, told the Guardian how the firm seized a private jet because one of the fraudsters sons had posted a picture on Instagram of the plane, with them in the foreground.

“That’s the kind of jackpot scenario one hopes for.” (The Guardian)

Open source intelligence is used to map the networks of targets. Monitoring locations from geotagged posts can prove that people are domiciled in different countries. The UK government plans to get in on the action too. In the Investigatory Powers Bill, there are provisions for over ten government agencies to use GCHQ’s powers in fraud enquiries- from the Food Standards Agency to the Department for Work and Pensions.

“Much of their data is worthless to us — simply not relevant to our line. We pass it on to the appropriate agencies. And they in turn trade data with us. Every important bureau has its cellar of treasured monkeys.” – Minority Report

Mission creep! Woo!

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